Engineering Base hosting model saves hardware investments and time

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Engineering Base hosting model saves hardware investments and time

New “housing” with complete service

Engineering Base (EB) has new quarters in the cloud. As of now, EB’s entire license portfolio can be used via a hosting service without hardware installation, administration and maintenance effort. It is offered in collaboration with Mod IT Services GmbH, which has been involved in the areas of workplace management and IT security for over 25 years.

Software usage without implementation effort

“The new cloud model offers designers completely new engineering flexibility,” explained Eike Michel, who is responsible for the hosting project as Head of Research and Development at AUCOTEC. “The linearized costs are easier to calculate and you can start working with EB immediately. Without time-consuming hardware analysis and acquisitions, without waiting for EB’s implementation into your own IT environment.”

The model is of particular interest to new customers who are initially starting with a few key users. Before using new software, server capacities usually have to be estimated and expanded without precise knowledge of the future scope of usage. This not only ties up capital, but can also turn out to be inappropriate. “You often have to retrofit, sometimes capacity remains unused,” said Michel.

The service can be scaled from an individual workstation to a large cooperative solution. Teams which are already working with EB can also “move” to the cloud, for example, to avoid investing in server upgrades. The bringyour-own-license concept adopts any license agreements and can be customized at any time.

Security through concentrated IT knowledge

Almost every workstation computer is now connected to the Internet, thus an in-house server solution is not more secure than the cloud model. On the contrary: security is just one out of many points for your own IT. In contrast, a professional hosting service means concentrated IT knowledge in a company whose core business is precisely these services and related technologies. “Mod IT is an experienced partner. Which mechanical or plant engineer alone employs over 100 IT professionals?” said Eike Michel.

The German-based cloud solution also “houses” EB according to the highest data security standards that apply here.

EB has allowed its full use via web services for some time. However, the various apps and online solutions ran up to now via private clouds.