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Engineering Base Cable leads innovation

Intelligent wiring harness design for BAIC's own brands

Independent Brand Design

Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (BAIC) is among China’s top 5 automobile groups, which was established in 1958. It is also a large state-owned automobile enterprise group with complete products, perfect industrial chain and leading new energy automobile market in the domestic automobile industry. BAIC ranks No.134 in Fortune Global Top 500 in 2020 with an operating revenue of US $72.553 billion, and it has 120,000 domestic and overseas employees. In the new era when consumption needs are being increased, BAIC takes the lead to transform and upgrade the industry, adhering to the development philosophy of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing, and deeply promoting the strategic transformation.

The traditional wiring harness design tools do not have the function of data management, and each design stage is independent of each other, resulting in a large number of data to be processed manually, which is inefficient and prone to errors. These problems had been bothering BAIC’s engineers. In order to improve the design level of independent brand wiring harness, BAIC planed to introduce a professional wiring harness design platform in 2012. After testing and comparing several platforms, the Engineering Base (EB) cable won in the final selection. Up to now, after years of design platform construction, EB cable has been widely used in the design of BAIC group's own brand models.

Professional Platform

EB cable is a fully digital platform designed and developed by AUCOTEC of Germany for automotive wiring harness. The advanced software architecture, flexible and simple operation and easy to learn and use of EB cable have left a deep impression on BAIC experts. It uses the central database to manage all data, realizes the unified management and high sharing of design data, and makes the whole collaborative design process coherent and smooth. EB also has perfect design process: library management, logic schematic diagram, wiring schematic diagram, 2D wiring harness diagram and after-sales service documents, which can fully meet the various needs of automobile wiring harness from design, production and manufacturing to after-sales maintenance service. Especially, as the principle and 2D wiring harness design process is on the same platform, the data connection between processes is more secure and effective.

Database Management

Unified data management not only effectively ensures data security and makes collaborative design possible, but also ensures data standards, specifications and consistency from the data source. Combined with various data template definition functions of EB, it can effectively ensure the standardization, normalization and consistency of the design. EB's database supports importing data from excel tables and DWG files to quickly create symbols and part data. Engineers only need to sort out the existing data, and can quickly input the data of electrical parts to EB for unified management.

3D Data Exchange

EB cable is not only an independent wiring harness design platform, but also can integrate with other systems (PDM, MES, etc.) to better manage the design data. It can also interact with 3D design software CATIA to make the design data more accurate. The C53 project of BAIC MOTOR is the first project of BAIC Group, in which all vehicle wiring harness are combined with CATIA 3D wiring harness via electrical principle to automatically generate wiring harness diagram, which greatly improves the design efficiency.

Intelligent Process

EB cable's intelligent data processing capability can effectively reduce design errors. For example: after the harness design is completed, the software can automatically generate various tables (wire connection table, BOM, etc.), and the drawing and table data are kept consistent. For the same object and unique data source between the schematic diagram and wiring harness diagram, only the data at one position need change, and that at other positions can be changed automatically. Design rule checking can automatically find and prompt problems in design, and help engineers improve design data.

More Than Professional

The professional implementation team of AUCOTEC branch in China is also one of the important factors for the successful construction of BAIC electric design platform, which can quickly respond to the needs of BAIC, provide customers with the optimal solutions, and effectively avoid the occurrence of various potential risks in the construction of the platform. At the same time, the global consulting team of AUCOTEC also provides BAIC with international technical support to ensure that BAIC's independent brand design is at the international advanced level.