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There is so much more in EB

Asset Overview and Smart Diagrams via just a Click

An all-round overview of all your devices, subsystems and other assets and, on top of that, intelligent diagrams and drawings with direct reference to the overall system – do you think that's not possible? AUCOTEC offers exactly that with the new highlights of the Engineering Base (EB) cooperation platform: Asset 360 and Smart Diagrams.

(No) catch involved

With Smart Diagrams, the right tool palette and matching attributes instantly

Whether for P&IDs, circuit diagrams or single-line diagrams – pure drawing programmes have one very big disadvantage: the drawings in themselves are stupid – they are mostly just lines on a white sheet, with no reference to the objects they represent. In EB it is different – in the object-based platform even "normal" drawings are intelligent, because there is a lot of data and information behind the objects. And the Smart Diagrams are even smarter. With just one tick, the designers can select their discipline in an upstream checkbox, for example "P&ID". The necessary intelligent functions are immediately available – users can then find device templates, modules and components directly in a suitable tool palette, which they can also optimize individually with their most frequently used symbols, for example.

In addition, the Smart Diagrams enable a rule-based design. They report immediately if the data model presented does not comply with the previously defined rules and logics. In addition, the P&ID can be frozen. It is then protected against changes and accidental deletion. Nevertheless, new devices, e.g. instrumentation, can be added by other areas, and the continuous cooperation remains assured. And not only in P&IDs, but also in other Smart Diagrams such as logic diagrams.

Automatic overview

360-degree panorama of all assets – including accessories and subsystems

In order not to lose track of the many devices, subsystems and other assets in EB's extraordinary cooperation capability and to facilitate communication, especially with external parties, the individually configurable datasheets "Asset 360" were developed. All the accessories, connectors, flow media, values, operating modes and substructures – one click is all it takes for EB to enter all this information independently, including that about the asset, of course. And always in the right place, no matter how the layout is configured. Since EB combines all data from the core disciplines of engineering, but also from external systems, together with the associated links and logics in its central data model, the Asset 360 data sheets can simply draw all the information they need from this single source of truth. The benefits of EB are obvious – with these highlights, users not only save an enormous amount of time, but also resources and errors.