AUCOTEC‘s EB contributes new efficiency to EAS with respect to engineering, maintenance and revamping

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Complex plant design made easy

AUCOTEC‘s EB contributes new efficiency to EAS with respect to engineering, maintenance and revamping

The globally operating Energy Automation Systems GmbH (EAS), based in Vienna, is an expert in electrical and automation engineering with a focus on energy and environmental technology. The range of customized EAS solutions extends from engineering via production to assembly, commissioning and sales of electrical, measurement and control plants. The concepts of the approximately 20 experienced EAS experts are also in demand in the oil and gas sector, for example, for safety technology in refineries.

The requirements in terms of efficiency and availability of plants have increased significantly. In addition, their growing complexity is often made far more complicated by the use of multiple discipline-specific development tools. This resulted in significant inefficiencies for EAS: inconsistently documented changes, lengthy discussions and increased potential for errors.

„The most economical system“

They had sufficient grounds for rethinking their concept. After extensive process analysis and evaluation, the company opted for the database-driven, cooperative platform Engineering Base (EB) from AUCOTEC. „For us, it was the most economical system with the best future prospects,“ said EAS Managing Director Erich Habitzl. Four years later, the Viennese reviewed EB‘s contribution: the investment had paid off quickly!

The main objective of efficiently enabling parallel work of different disciplines has been achieved. This is because EB combines simulation support, basic and detailed engineering with highly efficient maintenance and revamping design. Its central plant model thus enables transparent data management across all engineering phases.

Substantially reduced times

„Although the conversion from the old, sequential work method to parallel engineering required some adjustment, EB‘s special consistency quickly won us over. The new workflows are much more efficient, the design times have been substantially reduced,“ reported Habitzl. Thus, for example, the tender layout in EB is seamless, has no duplicate entries, and can further be used for detailed design and process automation.

Always up-to-date

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EAS also saves time due to the fact that changes in assembly or commissioning can be entered directly into the system thanks to secure global remote access to EAS‘s own EB server. Red pen on paper and subsequent revisions are a thing of the past. „The documentation is always up-to-date and our customers receive the final documentation in the shortest possible time,“ said the Managing Director, who also appreciates the proximity and expertise of AUCOTEC‘s Austrian subsidiary.