GENDORF Chemical Park growing with Engineering Base

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Error-free data migration over weekend

GENDORF Chemical Park growing with Engineering Base

The companies in Gendorf Chemical Park enjoy a clear locational advantage. They work closely within almost two million square metres in the modern, chemical-production-compliant infrastructure of InfraServ Gendorf (ISG). Engineering specialists maintain their design environment (Gendorf CAX 4.0) for industry-specific high-end solutions. An important component of this CAX environment is the Industry-4.0-compatible platform Engineering Base (EB) from AUCOTEC, which ISG mainly uses in the I&C Design area.

Open system with convenient data model

Switching to EB was a necessary step towards digital engineering for the chemical park operator and solution provider. Gendorf CAX 4.0 already networks diverse tools and modules in a cross-disciplinary manner; EB now fits seamlessly into this environment. „EB is very open and offers easy ways to create interfaces to the numerous upstream and downstream systems,“ explained Wolfgang Reiter, Department Head of I&C Design at ISG. According to him, EB‘s central data model is ideally suited to the modern challenges of the process industry. EB can map process engineering and P&ID as well as detail engineering and maintenance in the model. At ISG, however, various systems have established their fixed position over time.

Data transfer over weekend

The data migration to EB had to proceed quickly and precisely in order to maintain the consistency of the „digital twin“ and avoid interrupting the continuous plant optimizations in the CAE model. For this purpose, ISG collaborated with AUCOTEC to develop an efficient migration interface with which 2,500 attributes, 2,700 device types and 250 symbols were transferred from the predecessor system, the AUCOTEC classic AUCOPLAN 6, to the new environment. This enabled EB to successfully transfer 1,800 tags and a total of 6,700 diagrams of the most diverse plants in the GENDORF Chemical Park in just one weekend.


The first pure EB project, which already uses the migrated data, is an extension of the cooling towers. The data flows smoothly between EB and the process engineering design tools.  With the transfer of the 3-D data, a continuous digital flow exists from the design to the assembly. The Department Head Reiter is convinced that the good migration experience can be repeated and that even more companies can benefit from the more modern engineering. „The mapping method with which we migrated the data can be easily transferred.“