Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile


Collaborative cable design

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd. of Weichai establishes platform EB Cable for vehicle development

Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of comprehensive service solutions in the domestic commercial vehicle industry. It has been committed to building the largest commercial vehicle life cycle service platform in China. Based on the whole vehicle products, while continuously improving the basic after-sales service, it has innovatively carried out a series of value-added services including financial leasing, operating leasing, commercial factoring, insurance brokerage, and data service for internet of vehicles, forming a new business development pattern of deep integration of products and services, which has promoted the sustainable and sound development of the industry.

In September 2013, in order to further improve the product competitiveness, realize the platform and modular vehicle model strategy, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd. re- planned its product line, and comprehensively switched from AUCOTEC KABI to a new generation product EB Cable as a unified design platform for the construction of a new model platform. In the face of complex product types, reasonable configuration of different modules, rapid reuse of vehicle platform principles, timely response to the rapid design of deformable vehicles and other requirements, using the old generation design tool KABI can respond to most of the design requirements, but in the face of the planning and reuse of vehicle model platform, only meeting the long-term needs such as complex module configuration has been difficult to support the overall strategic policy of Shaanxi Heavy Duty .

Based on its current situation of wiring harness design, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd. has completed the prototype of model platform M3000 Series in October 2014 from the initial concept scheme to the final practical product feasibility verification, and formally implemented EB Cable in June 2015.

From the initial platform module design to the design of a single model, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd. has used the design concept of reuse of EB Cable SYS (platform logic principle) directly converting the platform of KAB (model wiring principle), and realized the rapid design of platform derived models. The high quality, strict standard and modular design process has opened up all the models covered by M3000 and X3000.

By using the development mode reused by the platform principle from SYS to KAB, and the advantages of EB Cable as the third generation of harness design software: centralized control of material warehouse and symbols, automatic inspection of design rules, and design concept with data model as the core, Shaanxi Heavy Duty has realized professional, platform and modular collaborative design, and digital design does not rely on drawings, which greatly improves the design efficiency and product quality; in terms of cost control, modular design and production were realized through the unification of platform model standardization, and the cost of parts control was greatly reduced by using the unique worksheet tool of EB Cable; complex configuration of 150% harness design solutions greatly improves the customer customized configuration of vehicle service response speed.

Since 2016, Weichai Power Co., Ltd., which also belongs to Weichai Group has also started to deploy EB Cable to realize remote collaborative design. Moreover, in 2020, its military research institute and other companies gradually deployed the EB Cable platform to promote the development of new models in various product lines.