Engineering Base improves engineering processes for highly specialised aerospace supplier Aerodata

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On a special mission:

Engineering Base improves engineering processes for highly specialised aerospace supplier Aerodata

Aerodata AG, based at Braunschweig Research Airport, is the market-leading developer of flight inspection systems and innovator of real-time data acquisition and process control for the aerospace industry. Aerodata develops, integrates and operates specialised measuring equipment and systems for air transport operators, aircraft maintenance companies, operators of special mission aircraft and helicopters as well as for renowned system and avionics manufacturers. Founded in 1985, Aerodata has grown to become an international company that now achieves total annual sales of around 40 million euros with its 150 highly qualified engineers and technicians worldwide.

Quick and flexible

The aerospace sector involves such special requirements as the international conventions for the naming of documentation. Thus, for example, the absolutely unique assignment of identification numbers (idents) for devices, systems and cables is required. „We were looking for an ECAE developer who could respond quickly and flexibly to our needs and whose tool would offer a better ratio of price, performance and flexibility than we previously knew“, says Edward Boag, Head of Design and Production. After thorough research, Aerodata decided that Engineering Base (EB) best met its requirements.


„In practice, we see how quickly one can react to enquiries or problems with EB. Furthermore, EB is characterised in particular by its multi-user capability, individual definition of stencils, output of production-relevant data or automatic cross references“, explains the Head of Design. His employees have become familiar with it exceptionally quickly. „Its easy, intuitive handling is truly remarkable“, he says. Moreover, his employees also appreciate the bi-directional navigation and the storage of reusable circuit components as much as the insertion of photos into drawings.


Aerodata: central database © Aerodata AG

„The central database is definitely a huge advantage over our previous system, the exceptional data consistency increases the quality of our data significantly“, says Hakan Kiray, the designer responsible for the adaptation of EB. The independent performance and device ident assignment according to ATA Chapters is also now much more convenient. „In addition, we now have much more flexibility in our processes, for example, with the ability to program our own macros or create individual reports“, enthuses Hakan Kiray. „We still have have some requests in relation to the development of the solution, but the software already provides many options that we don‘t even use“, he assesses.