For version 2023 and 2024

RUPLAN EVU Workshop - Conversion of line material

Flexible handling of line material

With version 2020, the line material table has been dispensed with to avoid the annoying and error-prone merging of different tables. One disadvantage: Before continuing work in the 2020 to 2022 versions, a project had to be completely converted to the new system.

More user-friendly is therefore the new EVU module version 2023, available as a pre-release since 01 July 2022: here, the user can decide for himself/herself whether and when he/she wants to convert a project. If data from the old and new systems are mixed in a project using this method of working, the system can even cope with this constellation.

This workshop will explain what needs to be considered and what new services have emerged in the light of this.

From the content

  • Line material systematics compared
  • Consolidating the line material information in the project
  • Converting project to the new system
  • Functionality in mixed mode
  • Writing back line material from terminal block diagram and cross-connection diagram
  • Comparing terminal block diagrams

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Target group

You have experience in the field of project planning of power plants with the RUPLAN EVU module. You want to change to the current EVU module version and, in the light of this, change your projects or a part of them to the new systematics.

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