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Engineering Base workshop for technical project managers in the energy sector

Engineering Base as a tool for project control

Engineering Base Project is a customized solution for project managers who want to manage and control the construction or reconstruction of a substation or switching station.

In this training course, you will learn all about the manifold possibilities that Engineering Base offers project managers to get a better grip on their projects.

Target group

You work in a technical management function in substation projects and want to get to know the diverse possibilities of EB Project.

From the content

  • Basic Engineering
    • Entering the plant infrastructure
    • Entering quotation and tender data and making it available
    • Importing Excel data(plant structure, cabinets, devices, cables, signals,...)
    • Creating / editing overview circuit diagrams with predefined circuit components
  • Project management and controlling
    • Defining workflows with the workflow wizard
    • Viewing and tracking the state of each plant component online
    • Determining and communicating changes
    • Change tracking (data tracking) on e.g. material, cable and signal lists
  • Document management
    • Graphical revisions with change display
    • Importing documents of various formats
    • Approval process
  • Cooperating with suppliers and quality control
    • Carrying out modifications
    • Intelligent data exchange (Smart Excel, Smart Data Sheet)
    • Automatic checks with test protocol
    • Red entries

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We run application training courses for the AUCOTEC CAE products Engineering Base, ELCAD, RUPLAN and AUCOPLAN. Content and duration are designed in such a way that you can plan effectively with the systems in no time at all.

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On request all seminars can also be held in English and some in French. The course content can be drawn up individually for your company requirements. We will of course be happy to come and give the course on site at your business!