EB PTD Project

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For version 2021 and 2022

EB PTD Project - Workshop for technical project managers in the energy suppliers sector

Engineering Base as a tool for project control

Engineering Base PTD Project is already being used successfully in your company to plan the construction or conversion of a substation or switching station. But do they also know the tools available to you as a project manager?

On this course, you will learn all about the multi-layered possibilities that Engineering Base offers the project manager to manage testing, control and workflow in the project.

All four topic blocks are each conducted as a three-hour online course. The times are always in the morning from 09:00 – 12:15. The four dates can only be booked as a block.

    You will learn:

    • (1st date, 24/05/2022) Data and structures in EB
      • How to create a plant structure in EB  
      • How to extend the plant model  
      • How master data is used  
      • How to create intelligent single line diagrams  
    • (2nd date, 08/06/2022) Project Management and Controlling
      • How to determine cable lengths in the layout  
      • How to track changes in the project  
      • How to work with signals 
      • How to check your project 
    • (3rd date, 14/06/2022) Document management
      • How access to data and documents is controlled 
      • How to handle sub-projects with external suppliers 
      • How to detect and track changes to data 
      • How to import and synchronize data from Excel  
    • (4th date, 21/06/2022) Cooperation with suppliers and quality control
      • How plant data is exchanged with the construction site 
      • How data is transferred to the control cabinet construction 
      • How to define and optimize workflows 
      • How to work with templates 

    General information about our trainings

    Target group:

    You work in a technical management function in substation projects and want to get to know the diverse possibilities of EB PTD Project.

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    Alle Seminare können auf Wunsch auch in Englisch und teilweise Französisch gehalten werden. Die Trainingsinhalte lassen sich individuell für Ihre Unternehmens-Anforderungen zusammenstellen. Selbstverständlich kommen wir gerne direkt zu Ihnen ins Haus!


    Wir führen Anwendungs-Trainings zu den AUCOTEC CAE-Produkten Engineering Base, ELCAD, RUPLAN und AUCOPLAN durch. Inhalt und Dauer sind so konzipiert, dass Sie in kürzester Zeit mit den Systemen effektiv projektieren können.