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For version 2023 and 2024

New features in Engineering Base Plant

New, practical program functions

The current Engineering Base versions offer many improvements and new functions.

The possibilities and advantages of the new features in the field of instrumentation, from basic to detailed engineering, are explained in the training course and the functions are applied practically.

From the content

  • Multi-Instance: start Engineering Base several times and process time-consuming tasks in parallel
  • Asset 360 / Report 360
    • Comparison with reports and tag sheet automation
    • Revision management
  • Shapes
    • Navigate from shape to master shape
    • Navigate from shape in dynamic area to master shape
    • New shape layout circle with diameter
    • Control plug-in shapes directly via texts
    • Disable context menu pins
    • Style of connection: Pin vs FlowStream / Potential
    • Default flow direction in shape construction
  • Worksheets
    • Table of contents with individual report pages
  • Import objects update
    • Import of objects with different types
  • Transfer tool palette to other databases
  • New EB Help
  • Project builder: configuration tool for the Advanced Typical Manager
  • New unit groups
  • Multiple selection for hook-ups
  • Highlight pipelines in Visio
  • Rule-based design: new pin to item rule
  • Find specification with multiple selection

General information about our trainings

Target group

You already have Engineering Base Plant application experience and want to make the most of the new features in the latest versions. This seminar is only offered as WEB training and takes place on the day of the seminar from 08:00 to 12:15.

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CAE training courses

We run application training courses for the AUCOTEC CAE products Engineering Base, ELCAD, RUPLAN and AUCOPLAN. Content and duration are designed in such a way that you can plan effectively with the systems in no time at all.

Individual in-house training courses

On request all seminars can also be held in English and some in French. The course content can be drawn up individually for your company requirements. We will of course be happy to come and give the course on site at your business!