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Engineering Base Cable – Logic

The professional project planning of cars, trucks, buses and special vehicles

Modern vehicles contain complex electronic components and customized cable harnesses. Engineering Base supports project planning in this area in several ways. Object-oriented and with a central data model for all participants, the platform is completely open for different approaches. In this training course you will learn everything about the essential functions of the system and enhance your skills with practical examples.

From the content

  • Engineering base projects and their components
  • Drawings and sheets, MS Visio
  • Engineering Base Master Data
    • The device wizard
    • Connector assembly
    • Assembly rules
  • Creating system circuit diagrams: SYS
    • Usage locations, substitutes and alternatives
    • Editing system circuit diagrams
    • The potential wizard
  • Creating KAB diagrams
    • Transferring SYS contents into KAB diagrams
    • Connectors and inline connection points
    • The connector wizard
    • The line management
    • The contact selection
    • Modularization and variant management
  • Data exchange and data backup

General information about our trainings

Target group

You work in design and want to use Engineering Base as a modern project planning system for the development of your special vehicles.

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CAE training courses

We run application training courses for the AUCOTEC CAE products Engineering Base, ELCAD, RUPLAN and AUCOPLAN. Content and duration are designed in such a way that you can plan effectively with the systems in no time at all.

Individual in-house training courses

On request all seminars can also be held in English and some in French. The course content can be drawn up individually for your company requirements. We will of course be happy to come and give the course on site at your business!