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Engineering Base Advanced for Energy Suppliers

Extending and optimizing the planning methodology

Engineering Base PTD Plant (Power, Transmission and Distribution) has become more and more powerful. So many interesting topics areas can now no longer be included in the basic seminar. In this course we will deal with essential topics from the basic seminar in more depth and address further functions.

Experienced specialists will give knowledgeable answers to practical questions and an insight into solutions from other companies. You will learn user tricks and at the same time get to know the new features in Engineering BasePTD Plant.


You have attended the Engineering Base PTD Fundamentals seminar and have worked hands-on with EB since then.

Target group

You are a designer or engineering draughtsman in power generation or distribution and have already been using Engineering Base PTD Plant as a tool for efficient electrical design for quite some time.

From the content

  • Special terminals and wiring
  • Advanced DXF/DWG Import
  • Revision management and data tracking
  • Overview of Advanced Typical Manager
  • Innovations such as tool palette and object history
  • Handling of large-scale devices in the equipment diagram
  • Exchange of experience and discussion of special customer solutions
  • Editing mass data with Smart-Excel

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