ELCAD Advanced

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ELCAD Advanced

Extending and optimizing the planning methodology in ELCAD

ELCAD for advanced users: many attendees at the basic seminar wanted it and now it's here:
this seminar optimizes your individual planning and application methodology in ELCAD; it deals, among other things, with all the topics discussed in more depth and consolidates them by practical exercises.

Experienced specialists give competent answers to practical questions and provide an insight into solutions from other companies. You will learn user tricks and also the new features in ELCAD. In addition to various standard topics (3 days), you can choose from a list of possible options (1 day) for seminar registration.


You have attended the ELCAD basics seminar and have worked hands-on with ELCAD since then.

Target group

You are a designer or engineering draughtsman and have already been using ELCAD as a tool for efficient electrical design for quite some time.

From the content

Standard topics

  • Viewing and checking ELCAD projects correctly from clients right at the start
  • Designing your own user interface in ELCAD using individual action bars
  • Using project header data to edit customer and order data centrally in the project, for example
  • The most important user and project settings at a glance
  • Optimizing work by using standard circuits (macros)
  • Using marking functions in the project sensibly
  • Using layer technology to design a project-related information system
  • Time-saving actions for batch processing
  • Optimizing the creation of the terminal block diagram in the BMK editor
  • Designing your own lists such as EBOM, order list, motor list, etc.
  • (defining structure definition, S Keys, filters and export protocols)
  • Creating a layout plan based on a suitable EBOM
  • Customizing forms to company-specific requirements
  • Making optimum use of multilingualism in projects

Topics of your choice

  • Editing strip and terminal data in Terminal Block Designer
  • Project-related cable planning using cable master data
  • Project-related user and revision management
  • Project planning of PLC systems in ELCAD
  • Master data comparison with ERP systems via Excel sheet
  • Using clear status lists sensibly
  • "Reconstruct Project" function and "Get Project from Server" function

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CAE training courses

We run application training courses for the AUCOTEC CAE products Engineering Base, ELCAD, RUPLAN and AUCOPLAN. Content and duration are designed in such a way that you can plan effectively with the systems in no time at all.

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On request all seminars can also be held in English and some in French. The course content can be drawn up individually for your company requirements. We will of course be happy to come and give the course on site at your business!