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Superpowers and lived integration

Why application expert Raluca Ghita is perfect for her job

Born in Bucharest, lived in Germany for a year as a child and has been back in Germany since 2016 – Raluca Elena Ghita (32) has been working systematically for her dream of coming back to Germany. Even as a teenager, she began to learn German, studied German and English at the renowned Bucharest Business Administration Academy, completed her master's degree in "Risk Management in Commercial Translation" and also worked in Romania for companies where her knowledge of German was in demand. In 2016, she made the move to Hanover in northern Germany.

"Starting again at the age of 25 is not so easy. A place to live, social contacts, work, language, it all started from scratch. But I am happy to have made it and I also feel totally comfortable at AUCOTEC,“ Raluca Ghita reports. Integration is obviously in her blood, and she also uses this in a professional capacity. In the Professional Services department, she manages a variety of integration projects involving the connection of ERP and PLM systems to Engineering Base (EB). "For me, EB is not just a piece of software, but a platform with 'superpowers' that support our customers in a unique way," enthuses the application expert.

The fifth language

She concentrates her own efforts on adapting EB optimally to the needs of customers and industries in each case. She also makes use of them privately to learn foreign languages – which of course also benefits her international customer contacts. Romanian, Spanish, German and English were not enough for her. She is currently learning Turkish, "with a lot of fun", as she emphasizes. And when Ghita is not studying or working, she keeps fit with various sports courses: "Exercise is good for my mind, sometimes it needs a break.“

Integrative treats

She came to AUCOTEC via a normal job advertisement on Stepstone. "My move here was interesting – interesting in a good way," she smiles. "I had never experienced such an atmosphere before, the closeness to colleagues, but also to superiors is something special.“ The integration expert not only contributes to the good atmosphere with friendliness and empathy, but also in her very special way: on Valentine's Day, for example, she lovingly supplied the entire second floor of the AUCOTEC head office with donuts. And to mark Romanian holidays, Raluca Ghita gives out treats typical of the country. Then she adds a note to them, which explains what this day is all about and how it is celebrated. - If that isn't lived integration …