Kothe - Cooperation

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Kothe - Cooperation

Into the future in partnership

Best Practice Solutions for PTD Plant

Developing common standards and further refining Engineering Base (EB) – since 2014, engineering company Kothe has been part of AUCOTEC's EVU (energy suppliers) working group where users and developers work together. The managing directors of the engineering office Stefan and Martin Kothe are experienced service providers and document energy and industrial plants for their customers, including professional advice.

In addition to collaborating in the working group, AUCOTEC and Kothe are now deepening their partnership – primarily with the aim of using Engineering Base PTD (EB) and RUPLAN-EVU to advance customers' power distribution projects even more quickly and efficiently. Because it is precisely there that most providers have to work under enormous time pressure and a lack of human resources. Martin Kothe is convinced that EB in particular is a more than suitable tool for this and adds: "However, in order to make use of EB's full potential, it must be accepted by project managers as a central planning and information system over the entire life cycle of a plant." 

Engineering Base's database-supported basis enables an object-oriented way of working and Martin Kothe praises this as a great strength. "This is the only way to build the data model of a plant completely without circuit diagrams. But I also appreciate the integrated Microsoft products and that it is possible to familiarize oneself with EB so quickly," he says.

Flexibility and sensible structures in all aspects are further points in EB's favour, Kothe adds. Through years of experience, the engineering office knows the software and is therefore well suited as a recommended AUCOTEC partner. Thus, the office supports customers from the very first step with consulting and engineering services during the introduction and implementation of EB PTD Plant and migrating all kinds of existing data.

In addition, the engineers not only test new EB releases and functions, but also create data and documentation. In the EVU working groups on EB and RUPLAN led by AUCOTEC, the necessary definitions for functionalities, workflows and data structures are then developed together with customers and other partners. In this way, further best-practice solutions are created that significantly facilitate the user's daily routine.

With the support of engineering company Kothe, the data migration is made as simple, convenient and high-quality as possible for the shared customers from the energy industry. The independent AUCOTEC partner will also advise customers on all issues relating to EB and RUPLAN

"With engineering company Kothe, we are pleased to have at our side a competent EB expert and RUPLAN-EVU-experienced partner, who has an excellent understanding of the requirements of the customers and can optimally implement them with our platform", says consulting expert André Lidolt, Director Professional Services at AUCOTEC.