Competence network

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Competence network

Close cooperation with associations, organizations and other enterprises is of central importance to AUCOTEC. Interaction with network partners increases knowledge, promotes transparency and helps to drive innovation and standards. In order to constantly improve for our customers, we contribute our expertise to numerous networks and at the same time benefit from the suggestions of the various partners.


buildingSMART Deutschland sees itself as a competence network for the digital design, construction and operation of buildings. With and through its members, the organization creates open and vendor-neutral standards for digital design, construction and operation. One of the most important developments here is IFC, the data format which establishes collaboration in BIM projects as an ISO standard. AUCOTEC has been an active member since May 2022.


The aim of the Capital Facility Hand Over Specification (CFiHOS) is to provide practical standardized specifications for the cross-discipline transfer of information. The organization addresses both manufacturers or operators of industrial plants and companies that maintain or decommission plants.

AUCOTEC has been an active member since 2018, guiding and supporting the organisation.


Since 1921, CIGRE has been synonymous with expertise in power systems and is now a collaborative global community committed to a world-leading knowledge development programme. The mission behind it: to optimise power supply systems by improving the expertise of all stakeholders.


Citrix provides secure applications and data to any device, network or digital workplace. Via terminal server access, customers worldwide can always have up-to-date simultaneously editable data. With appropriate rights, remote access to libraries from outside is also possible. Citrix checked Engineering Base and certified the platform's compatibility with Citrix as reliable back in 2019. Engineering Base has been checked by Citrix and its compatibility has been certified as reliable.


The Data Exchange in the Process Industry (DEXPI) initiative is an association of plant operators and software manufacturers. The aim is to develop and establish a digital and manufacturer-independent exchange format for piping and instrumentation diagrams. AUCOTEC has been a member of the initiative since 2013.


A globally used data standard for goods and services that is ISO/IEC standard compliant – that is ECLASS. The classification system covers tens of thousands of product classes and unique characteristics. The digitized and standardized master data can be made available in ECLASS format in catalogues so that companies can collaborate globally. AUCOTEC has been actively involved in defining the standard as a member for over 20 years.


AUCOTEC has been a Microsoft partner as an Independent Solution Vendor (ISV) since 2000. This enables the worldwide distribution of licences for Microsoft products in connection with Engineering Base. In addition, as a certified Microsoft Gold Application Development Partner, AUCOTEC is also in direct contact with the Microsoft Visio development team.


Bundling competences on automation and digitization and representing the interests of the process industry in the field of automation technology is NAMUR's mission. As a leading international association with over 150 member companies, NAMUR continues to develop automation applications with a focus on their value creation and promotes qualified young talent.

Open Design Alliance

The aim of the Open Design Alliance (ODA) is to make widely used graphic formats accessible independently of manufacturers and to keep them available in the long term. The idea behind this is to join together to solve complex problems in industry. AUCOTEC has been a member for many years and uses the resulting building blocks for high-quality integration solutions, e.g. Advanced CAD Import.

Open Industry 4.0 Alliance

The Alliance has set itself the goal of advancing digitization in industrial production. With different knowledge and experience, the members want to develop new solutions for digital asset integration in the age of Industry 4.0, intelligently merging existing standards such as OPC UA and other protocols for M-to-M communication.

prostep ivip

The development of forward-looking solutions and standards for product data management and virtual product creation is what prostep ivip is all about. The association bundles the interests of suppliers and manufacturers in the manufacturing industry. More efficient processes, methods and systems should enable members to gain competitive advantages in the long term.


As the largest industrial association and network organisation of the European mechanical and plant engineering industry in Europe, the VDMA represents more than 3300 primarily medium-sized enterprises. Since 1982, the association has been the mouthpiece of the mechanical engineering industry and represents its members in dealings with national and international authorities and business circles.


The Technical Association of Energy Plant Operators (VGBE) has set itself the goal of a climate-neutral and sustainable economy and society. As the voice of plant operators, VGBE supports its members as an independent technical competence centre and network in the implementation of innovations and strategic tasks.


The ZVEI represents the interests of the electrical industry and sees itself as a pacemaker of technical progress. The exchange of experience and opinions between members on current topics relating to the electrical industry is the basis of the association's work. The member companies include global players as well as medium-sized and family businesses.