Training at AUCOTEC

At a glance

AUCOTEC AG trains exclusively at its headquarters in Hanover, where all departments relevant to training are represented, both in the commercial and technical areas. Every year on August 1st we take on enthusiastic young people and offer them the opportunity to contribute according to their abilities. We create the optimum conditions for our junior staff to have the perfect start to their working life. The outstanding working atmosphere and new challenges daily ensure varied and wide-ranging training.

We offer apprenticeships as:


Management assistant in office management


Management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade


IT specialist

This is what our current trainees say:

Halbast Deutsch

Trained as an IT specialist 2023-2026

"As an IT specialist, I not only appreciate the professional challenges, but also the positive team dynamics at AUCOTEC. The friendly atmosphere and the appreciation within the team motivate me to contribute my expertise to AUCOTEC. I look forward to expanding my skills in a cooperative environment and contributing to our joint success."

Alina Meng

Trained as an office manager 2022-2025

"I think doing my apprenticeship at AUCOTEC is great. It was always important to me to work independently and that's exactly what AUCOTEC offers. The tasks are varied and you are always involved, even as an apprentice. My colleagues are supportive and nice, and you really feel part of the company right from the start."

Samina Yousaf

Trained as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade 2022-2025

"I like the apprenticeship at AUCOTEC so much because you are involved in the day-to-day work right from the start. You take on responsibility for certain tasks yourself and feel like part of the team straight away. The colleagues are all very supportive and always have an open ear for questions. The trainees also always help each other out, which was particularly great at the beginning. You immediately felt welcome."

Nils Kallenberg

Trained as an office manager 2021-2024

"The opportunity to quickly work independently and thus gain a lot of experience is just great. The tasks are also very varied, so there is never a dull moment during the training. AUCOTEC is also very future-oriented and we work with state-of-the-art technology and software, which I particularly like. The colleagues are also great and always have an open ear for us trainees."

Marie Laurent

Trained as an IT specialist 2021-2024

"As a trainee at AUCOTEC, you get the chance to show your skills right from the start, but also to expand them with the help of your colleagues and build on existing knowledge. You are involved from day one. What makes AUCOTEC so special in my opinion is that an apprentice is valued just as much as a trained employee. The very pleasant and familiar working atmosphere also ensures that I always feel very comfortable here."

This is what our "old" trainees say:

Stephan Jokiel

Trained as an IT specialist 2021-2024

"At AUCOTEC you never get bored, you are challenged but also encouraged. There are all kinds of opportunities. Working is a lot of fun and the exchange and cooperation with colleagues is very friendly. Since the first day, you feel like a fully-fledged colleague and not "just" a trainee."

Dominick Praetz

Trained as an office manager 2020-2023

"I am really enjoying my apprenticeship at AUCOTEC. Through the daily tasks I learn to work independently and to take responsibility. The work colleagues are open and helpful for any questions. At AUCOTEC you are super integrated, so that I felt comfortable very quickly."

Jan Niklas Zeppenfeld

Trained as an IT specialist 2019-2022

"At AUCOTEC, you have the opportunity to assume a lot of responsibility, but you can always ask for help. Colleagues take the time to explain everything to you.

AUCOTEC provides a very nice work environment, where you feel comfortable right from the outset."

Jonas Gemmingen von Massenbach

Trained as a IT specialist 2019-2022

"I'm getting on very well here, the other employees have made me feel welcome and have helped me. Although my colleagues have to work themselves, they are always there for me if I have any questions and give me my own projects, which support further training and are fun at the same time. Occasionally, I was a bit scared, but this had more to do with my own insecurity and past experiences. However, these fears quickly evaporated because you can talk to colleagues about them, and they encourage you.

All I can finally say is, thank you for allowing me to do my training here."

Lisa Riemer

Trained as an office manager 2019-2022

"At AUCOTEC, you are always involved as a trainee and you quickly learn to assume responsibility. All colleagues are always helpful and open to questions, and independent work is fun and very much encouraged from the outset!"

Jan-Marc Bünnemeyer

Trained as a management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade 2019-2022

"I find the training at AUCOTEC is just super. The independent and responsible completion of various tasks gives you the opportunity to develop and blossom. It is apparent from the outset that the feel-good factor plays a major role in the company, and a lot is done to achieve it. I particularly like the almost family-like interaction among colleagues, which quickly helps you to integrate and feel comfortable."