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Life sciences

Infraserv Höchst is a leading integral location operator and systems supplier for the chemical and life sciences industries. Infraserv operates the Industriepark Höchst, known worldwide since over 130 years as innovative and efficient location for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


At the beginning of 2002, Infraserv has opted for Plant Space in the area of process engineering and for AUCOPLAN 6 in PM&CT technology. The final stage of the necessary administrator and project planning licenses has been achieved in the middle of 2002 and encompasses more than 20 workplaces.


Crucially important for Infraserv is the large basis of installed AUCOPLAN 6 licenses. Thus AUCOPLAN in many enterprises sets the criteria for successful planning in the process control environment. Meanwhile several voluminous facilities with up to 8,000 tags have not only been professionally planned but are successfully operating. References that cannot be produced by just anybody!
AUCOPLAN is the CAE system of choice for Infraserv and all of the subcontractors of this globally active enterprise. Apart from the optimization of the planning process due to the reduction of the system diversity at Infraserv, the existing system functionality, the data consistency and the customizing achieved is the basis of the successful perspective for the coming years.