Hexion modernizes its engineering with Engineering Base from AUCOTEC

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Single Source of Truth: pointing to the future

Hexion modernises engineering with EB from AUCOTEC

Hexion, a world-leading specialist chemical company, has a long tradition of innovation, expertise and customised services. It developed one of the world’s first plastics, Bakelite®, and the very first epoxy resins. With more than 4,300 employees at 60 locations globally, Hexion produces special chemicals and high-performance materials with its know-how and experience. Group headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio. 

Investing in the future

As a builder and operator of industrial plant systems that manages the production of approximately 400 items, Duisburg (Germany)-based Hexion GmbH began using Engineering Base (EB) in 2016 as part of its I&C planning. One main reason for this choice was EB’s data centralisation. “We wanted to invest in the future rather than in a tried and tested legacy system. EB is increasingly our Single Source of Truth for all ‘as-built’ data. We see this as the only path to follow”, explains Christian Marschner, Senior Project Engineer at Hexion.

As EB keeps all projects in a central database, the matching of items, which previously occurred repeatedly in various projects, can now be done in a moment. Centralisation reduces errors and consultation costs, while keeping everyone permanently updated. “This saves a lot of time”, says Mr Marschner. 

Simple and convenient

Furthermore, EB convinced by its relatively straightforward deployment, its flexible management of user rights and the smooth integration of supplier data. “The ability to link externally generated data with equipment or functions is very useful, particularly when time is tight. EB tells you immediately, also via web service, what you need to know about an item“, reports Nils Stellmacher, a key user of the application.

EB’s worksheets are another plus-point for him. “They allow us to implement even quite complex requests.” Examples include the expansion of the establishment plan using Ex-I-Typicals, where adjustments to the worksheet are also displayed directly as graphs and in Explorer. These lists are ideal for quickly resolving inconsistencies or errors and for providing efficient support for data migration.

Unleashing its full potential …

EB will gradually be rolled out across the Group. More than 50% of projects in Duisburg are already available in EB. The composite-materials plant for items as wind turbine blades or Formula 1 car body parts was designed in EB from the outset. “We took full advantage of the database structure”, says the manager in charge. His team is currently working on using EB also for the future creation of P&IDs. As Christian Marschner concludes: “That‘s when we will see the platform unleash its full potential. There is still a lot to come!”