Standardised engineering make BÖWE SYSTEC much faster

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Standardised engineering and the deepest SAP integration make BÖWE SYSTEC much faster and their documents far better

The mail is really taking off with Engineering Base!

BÖWE SYSTEC GmbH is one of the leading global solution providers for modern printing and mail processing centres. In its over 60-year history, the company developed from being a manufacturer of cutting machines for endless documents to become a globally active full solution provider for the mailroom - including special software concepts. BÖWE SYSTEC and its international subsidiaries belong to the Possehl Group, which generates annual revenue of about 2.5 billion euros with its over 10,000 employees.

"Ready-made solutions from the standard repertoire"

In 2010, BÖWE SYSTEC started to establish within a very short time a revolutionary new high-performance inserting system, where the envelopes are filled while the transport is moving. At the same time, BÖWE SYSTEC decided on a new drive and IO system, which resulted in changes in the electrical documentation. In addition, it was necessary to improve the support for compliance with standards. And: "We wanted to get away from the insular world of various systems that operate in isolation", says Bernd Höpner, Head of Development.

Thus Engineering Base (EB) was chosen. "We were won over by the fact that AUCOTEC was able to show clear proposals for solutions to our requirements directly from the standard repertoire in a live system, without extra programming", says Höpner. "Our vision became reality remarkably fast", he concludes about EB, with which BÖWE SYSTEC has managed the highly complex "Fusion Cross" electrical documentation with completely new components in a very short time.

SAP or EB?

A special highlight of the solution is the interfacing of electrical engineering with SAP. "It has a unique depth", says the head. Switching systems and changing to another software as well as any logons are things of the past. The user no longer sees that he is leaving "his" system. The creation of bills of material and checking of documents directly from EB are largely automated. The diagrams are stored with their change history in SAP and can be viewed and approved. "This not only saves time, but also increases the quality of our stored documents", says Bernd Höpner.

The next step

In future, the individual, fully documented standard components must be able to be compiled automatically from a list for the machine desired by the customer, in the form of an overall plant design in a single-line diagram. "This will greatly accelerate our order processing", explains Bernd Höpner. EB makes it possible!