Sauter significantly improves process efficiency

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Engineering Base for good ambient environments

Swiss building automation company significantly improves process efficiency

Sauter Building Control Schweiz AG (SBC) is one of the world‘s leading technological companies in the field of building automation and system integration. The subsidiary of Sauter AG develops, produces and sells energy-efficient solutions for building management and provides comprehensive services to the building operation, regardless of whether an industrial laboratory or school, hospital, airport, or leisure facility is involved. The focus here is also on the responsibility for the environments of future generations. Around 1800 people are working for the more than 100 year old company today.

Flexibility scores

When it was necessary for SBC to replace the existing CAE system in 2009, the company did not simply look for a substitute, but a system that would increase the efficiency of the design process at the same time. It was required to standardise the documents of all offices and integrate well in the „CASE Builder“ used throughout the company (configurator for predefining the object structure, data points, and field devices). After intensive evaluation, SBC opted for Engineering Base (EB) from AUCOTEC, supported by its Swiss partner ROTRING DATA.

In addition to the predefined criteria, EB scored with high flexibility during its installation in multiple sites, ease of use and ability to easily read the legacy data from the old CAE system as graphic drawing data. Even the workflow between CASE Builder and EB, which was able to be optimized simply by an add-on, was a major plus. The information recorded in the configurator can be used directly by EB. This avoids duplicate entries and transmission errors.

„Impressive in its rapid productivity“

„With EB, we were able to build a modular system tailored to the CASE Builder from typicals. Thus designs can be generated automatically, rather than drawing them in a time-consuming manner“, explains André Brand, project manager for the introduction of EB at SBC. „In just a few months, we have built the EB environment and released it for productive use, which was impressive! ROTRING DATA has optimally supported us in the process.“

Meanwhile, around 20 employees have already implemented well over 2000 projects. „Through the consistent use of EB‘s options, especially of function-oriented design, we have achieved a significant increase in efficiency in design and documentation“, enthuses the engineering expert. „Thanks to EB, we believe that we are well prepared for the increasingly tough demands of the future“, concludes André Brand.