Swiss building automation company Hälg switches to Engineering Base

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The best of all:

Swiss building automation company Hälg switches to Engineering Base

The Hälg Group combines the best of all that is necessary for the smooth and successful management of building services engineering projects. With many years of experience, innovative thinking and procedures and solid expertise, the Group develops the best, most efficient and most sustainable solution for each customer, from design via installation to maintenance. The traditional family business had a turnover of 298 million Swiss francs with its 890 employees in 2013.

Profitable despite deadline pressure

In an environment of high demand from the booming construction industry, the Hälg Group was faced with the challenge in recent years of completing orders properly and to maximum customer satisfaction while achieving optimum profitability, despite major deadline pressure. This was the catalyst for the building automation line of business to modernise the engineering system for creating electrical diagrams of cabinets. Thus the company decided in 2012 to equip its sites with Engineering Base (EB). Hälg has been using AUCOTEC software since 1997 and has been supported faithfully by the Swiss AUCOTEC partner ROTRING DATA. When evaluating some well-known alternatives, the AUCOTEC solution proved yet again to be the best of all.

Automation reduces work

With EB, it is now possible to greatly accelerate the time-critical path of diagram creation in the project. This gives Hälg a decisive competitive advantage in that the new workflow minimises the manual editing of diagrams and the sources of error associated with them. „It was particularly important to us that EB would achieve significantly higher standardisation throughout the whole process“, says Eric Weibel, electronic engineer and Head of Building Automation.

EB achieves this with its database-driven system. Thus basic elements that have been processed once can simply be reused continuously. This increases data quality and efficiency significantly. „EB made some demands on us initially in terms of standardisation work. Now we have to individually edit only 20% of the diagrams, while EB does the rest automatically,“ explains the head. „Depending on the defined workflow, we have reduced our engineering effort by 20%, sometimes by even more.“

The easy import of functions from lists or the automated list generation also contribute to this process. „These are real highlights of EB“, says Eric Weibel. In addition to the convenient and time-saving functions of the system, we were also impressed by ROTRING DATA. „We benefited greatly from ROTRING‘s sheer wealth of experience in the implementation phase.“