EB Mobile View for AUCOTEC's classic products

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EB Mobile View for AUCOTEC's classic products

All data rapidly to hand in the event of a malfunction


If there is an issue somewhere in the plant, it has to be rectified very rapidly, as time is usually an enormous cost factor in the event of a malfunction. The service experts need the relevant data for the affected plant area as soon as possible. However, searching for the documentation of a defective device in countless folders, digital containers stored in document management systems, and then in the right PDFs takes time. After all, a fitter's job does not involve working with complex engineering systems and corresponding documentation structures. Fitters only need to obtain specific data as easily as possible.

The diagram and the object designation are insufficient. The service experts must also have all the attributes and logical links associated with the component to hand, so that both connections and functions work perfectly even after the device is repaired or replaced.


EB Mobile View: Quickly eliminating malfunctions and sending back maintenance dataAUCOTEC AG

EB Mobile View: Always having the latest status to hand

Fast search engine

Designed as an app, the EB Mobile View tool ensures absolute ease of use and rapid retrieval of device data and all associated logical connections in such cases. This applies to all engineering systems from AUCOTEC, thus ELCAD, AUCOPLAN, RUPLAN and the cooperation platform Engineering Base. For this purpose, existing projects from the systems can be easily imported into the browser-based and thus operating-system-independent tool.

In the event of a malfunction, the service experts can obtain the project data, which is always available online, directly on their mobile devices. For plants without network access, they retrieve the data of the relevant area in advance, for example, on their notebooks, and take it to the plant. They immediately find the documentation and all related information about the defective component via a simple search entry. By using the touch function of the mobile device, the technicians can then navigate through the logic of the digital twin and obtain all the data they need directly on their screen. In addition to displaying an engine, for example, they also learn the necessary details about its performance, all connections, manufacturer information and other technical specifications – without the need for system know-how and expertise in the engineering area.


Speed is key

The operating-system-independent app makes technicians much more flexible and faster when eliminating malfunctions. Its ease of use is an essential factor. No system knowledge or more indepth knowledge of documentation structures and relevant standards is required. The functions of the mobile viewing tool also accelerate regular maintenance tasks.

In conjunction with the platform Engineering Base, the tool offers advanced options such as redlining, linking to revision management, and sending back maintenance information to engineering. (For more information, see here.)

Overview of benefits:

  • As-built plant data always available to ensure a quick response in the event of a malfunction
  • Easy searching and retrieval of sub-system and device data
  • Reliable up-to-dateness of the digital twin