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Digitization and decarbonization bring Aucotec record results

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Aucotec AG, an independent engineering software developer since 1985, closed its last fiscal year, which ended March 31, with a new sales record. New orders received are also higher than ever: 35 % above the previous year's figures and 26 % above the previous all-time high.

"Even though the figures are still preliminary, we assume that our sales record from the 2019/20 pre-Covid year has been exceeded," explains board member Uwe Vogt. Compared to the success achieved at that time, the sales of around 25.5 million euros now achieved represent an increase of 6 %; in relation to the last financial year, the increase is 7 %. "And that's just one piece of the puzzle. The enormous increase in incoming orders to 36.6 million euros gives us a very positive outlook for the future. The next record is not an unrealistic goal," says Vogt, who has been on the management board since 2009. Before that, as Head of Development, he had already made a significant contribution to the product that has enabled Aucotec to grow significantly for years: the data-centered collaboration platform, Engineering Base (EB).

Faster decarbonization with EB

"Thanks to this highly digital system, we are increasingly acquiring major customers who are or want to become pioneers in decarbonization," Vogt reports. Some of them are using EB to modernize their engineering in order to convert their plants as quickly as possible for a significantly lower CO2 footprint. Other major interested parties are electrolyzer manufacturers, who need to multiply their capacities to meet the gigantic growth in demand for green hydrogen. In addition, in the energy sector there is the need to significantly expand the grids for regeneratively created energy, and automobile manufacturers must develop and handle significantly more complex on-board power supply units for e-mobility.

Balanced potential

"We have never had such a balanced and extremely promising potential with very real projects across all the industries we serve," emphasizes Uwe Vogt. Aucotec has been in the market for decades, from process plant engineering to energy distribution and the mobility sector. A big plus of the EB platform is that it acts as a single source of truth for all those involved in the core engineering process and later represents an easily kept up-to-date digital twin of the plants or systems during operation.

Focus on Asia

Headquartered in northern Germany, the company has eleven subsidiaries and around 250 employees worldwide. According to Vogt, the Aucotec subsidiaries founded last year in the Netherlands and especially in India have developed very well and are now to be expanded further. "Our growth focus remains Asia, where EB's solutions are in high demand across all the industries we serve," says board member, Uwe Vogt.

About AUCOTEC AG: Aucotec AG has more than 35 years’ experience in the development of engineering software designed for use throughout the life cycle of machinery, plant equipment and mobile systems. Solutions range from flow diagrams and process-control/electrical technology for large-scale plant systems to modular on-board power supply units designed for the automotive industry. Software supplied by Aucotec is currently in operation throughout the world. In addition to the headquarters in Hanover, the Aucotec Group includes six other locations in Germany as well as subsidiaries in China, India, South Korea, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Norway and the USA. What is more, a global partner network ensures local support all over the world.


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