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Interview with Lemken

"Full integration of Engineering Base into the LEMKEN development process"

Can you briefly introduce your company?

M. van den Boom: We are a leading, internationally successful manufacturer of agricultural machinery with the highest quality standards in the manufacture of agricultural machinery for professional crop cultivation. With more than 1,600 employees worldwide, we generated a turnover of €380 million in 2018. Innovative products and production methods as well as a customer-oriented distribution together with a modern management contribute to our growth.

How do you meet the challenges of the increasing complexity in engineering?

M. van den Boom: By using a development tool to create electrical and hydraulic circuit diagrams and wiring harness drawings due to the increasing complexity of the implements to be developed, as well as self-propelled agricultural machinery (self-propelled sprayers, such as combine harvesters, not autonomous). Taking into account existing development tools such as TeamCenter and Unigraphics (NX-CAD) plays an important role in this.

How did you hear about AUCOTEC?

M. van den Boom: We thoroughly researched the market, but we also conducted industry discussions to find out what is used in agricultural engineering by market competitors.

What are the advantages of using Engineering Base?

M. van den Boom: The most important advantage for us is the full integration into the LEMKEN development process and the tool landscape of LEMKEN development.

What's the next step?

M. van den Boom: A joint project on integration with PLM (TeamCenter/NX) is underway. Extending the use for the hydraulic development is also quite conceivable.