We'll be there again in 2019!

Ludwigsburg is the Number 1 location for on-board power supply specialists, and AUCOTEC will be there again in 2019. The decision makers of leading automobile manufacturers and suppliers are going to meet again on 26 and 27 March 2019 at the annual industry event "Automotive Wire Harness".

AUCOTEC participates in this congress for the seventh time and is actively involved in the professional exchange on trends and developments. In this short summary we are introducing the most important points of our presentation from the last congress, presented by Reinhard Knapp, AUCOTEC's Global Strategies Manager.

The current development process for the electrical network of a vehicle typically is divided in several steps using a toolchain of different tools. Starting at a common point - mostly neutral system descriptions as diagrams - data become more and more specific. In a next step we see the combination of these neutral system specific data to a vehicle related set of drawings showing the entire electrical logical network. The design process typically ends up with vehicle specific harness diagrams containing all details necessary to later base the manufacturing process upon them. Along this route data not only get more specific but also more and more distributed in different tool and data models, though a standardizes data exchange format may be used. Every harness design is still 150% meaning it covers all possible variations a customer may finally order by selecting some options.

While the number of possible combinations to order is increasing, the challenge is to do a functional validation. How is it possible to validate that every combination to be ordered does really work in regards of functional integrity across all involved harnesses?

This presentation shows how beneficial it is to keep data together in a common data model along the design process or to create a reunion of data after a distributed process. Such a data model where every issue of a specific 150% electrical vehicle network is stored opens the opportunity to run automatic validation algorithms checking all combinations that can theoretically be ordered by a customer.