Brückner builds bridge between mechanical and electrical systems

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Brückner builds bridge between mechanical and electrical systems

New engineering system links and optimizes design processes

With the Brückner Group company Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, AUCOTEC has succeeded in convincing the global market leader in film stretching technology to opt for its software system Engineering Base (EB). The decisive factor in this case was the film experts‘ desire to optimize their various design processes across disciplines. „Merely replacing the electrical CAD was too short-sighted as far as we were concerned,“ explained Werner Bamberger, Head of Electrical Engineering and Automation at Brückner‘s southern Bavarian site in Siegsdorf at the time of the decision.

Universal efficiency

„It is this approach that can raise optimization in engineering to a considerably higher level, where improvements in individual disciplines, which are of course always possible, lead to really significant universal increases in efficiency,“ said Uwe Vogt, Executive Officer for Engineering at AUCOTEC.


Brückner_World market leader in film stretching technology© Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

In recent years, Brückner has strongly driven the standardization of machines. „In light of the above, we wanted to optimize the interface between electrical and mechanical systems,“ said Bamberger. It was intended that the new CAE system would not only provide the relevant capabilities, but also support the function-oriented mechatronic approach from the outset. Another prerequisite was the easy and clear implementation of the internationally binding standard IEC 81346.

Networking disciplines, also easily integrating external data, unique, i.e. central data input, clear and consistent device designations in various documents such as machine overviews, P&IDs, circuit diagrams or plant documentation and - essentially - comprehensive versioning and release management: all of these were as decisive in choosing the new engineering system as the simple and consistent link to SAP.

All prerequisites

SAP integration has already taken place and Brückner has just gone live with EB in its mechanical design process. „The EB platform satisfies all prerequisites for making our processes more productive, and for improving our quality at the same time,“ said Werner Bamberger. However, the mechanical engineering professionals at Brückner are also impressed by AUCOTEC itself. „The mindset there, the networking philosophy and also the company‘s size are a perfect match for us, this is more than a business relationship,“ said Bamberger.  His conclusion: „We have a lot planned for EB. It‘s good to know that future requirements will also be in good hands with this system.“