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Aucotec at SPS IPC Drives: Cloud and app concept for greater flexibility and safety

Mit Aucotecs Engineering-Plattform kooperativ und sicher in der Cloud planen. Das System ist zudem unabhängig von Hardware und Client-Installationen an jedem Endgerät nutzbar. (© AUCOTEC AG)

Hannover, 09/13/2017 |

At this year's SPS IPC Drives, Aucotec AG is presenting its Cloud concept for the first time. This concept not only enables planning of machines, plants and mobile systems without dedicated server hardware and with the required scalability in the Cloud. Aucotec's cooperative platform, Engineering Base (EB), can also be used on any device, regardless of hardware and client installations. This permits the customers to offer EB in-house as Software as a Service (SaaS).

In this way, Aucotec continues to put even more flexibility into globally-distributed engineering using the most up-to-date technology. Since it is based on the Microsoft Cloud Azure Deutschland operated by T-Systems, the solution also offers the highest possible level of data security.

The apps for the Cloud

As elements of the Cloud concept, apps can be purchased for certain fields of application.  They additionally simplify both mobile access to the engineering and mobile data creation for special tasks.  The apps are based on HTML5, adapt themselves responsively to any display, and can be used with Android, Windows, iOS or in browsers. The use of Cloud and apps is only possible because of EB's unique architecture, which allows Web-service-based access to the engineering data by means of a separate application server between the database and the client. This so-called Web Communication Server ensures direct, secure access to the desired information with global Web standards. 

Tenders and maintenance via app

Two apps are already available for use. One of these is for maintenance. In this case, mobility is decisive. Whether it is an extensive oil refinery, or widely dispersed wind generators: being on-site rapidly AND having all the necessary data to hand without preparation is fundamental to reducing expensive downtime to a minimum. Access from mobile devices to the engineering data accelerates planned servicing as well as action in the case of an emergency.

With EB's Maintenance App, service staff have access from any location to all released plant documents, from P&IDs to worksheets. Frequently they only realise which data they require when they are on-site. Using the app, they can download all the required documents to the mobile device and use it to enter modification information, if necessary also with photographs for documentation. The as-built status of the plant only changes, however, when a design engineer has checked and released the data. In this way, safety and quality remain guaranteed. 

The second app supports customer's mobile stocktaking as well as data transfer to EB. The aim is to take information and from it, to derive and offer custom-tailored services or plant extensions.


Aucotec at SPS IPC Drives: Hall 6 Stand 110

A proposito di AUCOTEC AG: ACOTEC, da più di 30 anni, sviluppa software di ingegneria per l'intero ciclo produttivo di macchine, impianti e sistemi mobili. Le soluzioni AUCOTEC vanno dagli diagrammi di flusso alla progettazione elettrica e strumentale per impianti di grandi dimensioni, passando per il cablaggio modulare per il settore automobilistico. I software Aucotec vengono utilizzati in tutto il mondo. Oltre al quartier generale ad Hannover, Aucotec ha 6 sedi in Germania oltre a filiali in Cina, Francia, Regno Unito, Italia, Austria, Polonia, Svezia e USA. Una rete di partner locali garantisce assistenza in tutto il mondo.

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