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Analysis, implementation and training: new plant construction package optimises complete engineering process

Hannover, 10/01/2013 |

At SPS IPC Drives 2013, Aucotec AG, the developer of engineering software with decades of experience, will be presenting a new combined software and consulting package, specially bundled for the challenges facing plant engineers. With its comprehensive process analysis, ROI assessment, a project planner with milestone definitions, plus clear implementation recommendations it offers management oversight and planning security. The first analysis sketches, in a lucid manner, the amount of time and effort needed and the expected returns for customising electrical engineering processes. The second component of the package then delivers a distinct increase in efficiency by converting the analysis results into a consistent process, optimised across all the disciplines involved, using the database-driven Engineering Base (EB) platform.

The comprehensive package is rounded off by functions that accompany the whole organisation of the project, including its implementation, and creation of a client-specific process manual plus user training based on the manual for all the disciplines involved.

No niche solutions

Over 30 years of experience have taught Aucotec that genuine progress and worthwhile gains in efficiency cannot be achieved by optimisation in individual engineering niches, however effective that optimisation might be. The potential for optimisation is vastly enhanced by using a high-quality integrated engineering process. For this purpose the firm offers its extraordinarily consistent EB system, which permits collaborative working by all disciplines on a common database. The synergy that this creates eliminates multiple data entry, agreements and sources of error, in short, it saves a huge amount of time, which, thanks to a more uniform tool environment, also extends to IT.

From the initial overview through to commissioning

EB starts right from the plant overview - depending on the industry sector that might be a building plan, a flowsheet or load lists for upstream processes. Then comes the cable planning using single-line diagrams, detail planning for supply and control, cabinets, the layout of automation as well as the I/O assignment. Pneumatics and fluids are likewise integrated, as are manufacturing-related matters from parts lists, to cabinet layout through to equipping devices for wire harnessing or drilling and milling of mounting plates. As well as this, EB supports commissioning and also revisioning for later modifications - consistency built-in.

Aucotec at SPS IPC DRIVES 2013: Hall 11, Stand 320

A proposito di AUCOTEC AG: ACOTEC, da più di 30 anni, sviluppa software di ingegneria per l'intero ciclo produttivo di macchine, impianti e sistemi mobili. Le soluzioni AUCOTEC vanno dagli diagrammi di flusso alla progettazione elettrica e strumentale per impianti di grandi dimensioni, passando per il cablaggio modulare per il settore automobilistico. I software Aucotec vengono utilizzati in tutto il mondo. Oltre al quartier generale ad Hannover, Aucotec ha 6 sedi in Germania oltre a filiali in Cina, Francia, Regno Unito, Italia, Austria, Polonia, Svezia e USA. Una rete di partner locali garantisce assistenza in tutto il mondo.

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