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Engineering Base sets new standards

because as a product of the most recent generation of authoring systems for planning and documenting electrical and process engineering systems, with its database-driven platform it adapts to the workflow actually taking place in practice.

Illustration of the entire workflow
EB´s object orientation and the database persuaded the building materials giant Holcim. Added to this were the time-saving integration of old data and the comprehensive connection of third-party systems.
The Branch Solution for Process Control Technology
Porsche AG: Engineering Base connects
Engineering Base enables Porsche to plan their vehicle power supply much more efficiently. AUCOTEC’s cooperation platform furthermore guarantees a most sparing use of the valuable copper for the conductors as all design engineers work with the same database.
The Branch Solution for Cable and Harness Design
Application in China
Quick familiarization and the minimization of sources of error were the prime concerns of the electrical engineering specialist Bao-Ling. Therefore the planning tool there is Engineering Base.
The Branch Solution for Machine and Plant Manufacture
Power for RWE
AUCOTEC has delivered and maintains the entire software for the electrical documentation of the newest block in the most advanced lignite power plant of RWE, one of the three most powerful power plants in Europe.
The Branch Solution for Power Generation and Distribution
The AUCOTEC Group offers not only electrical CAD software but complete solutions. This means that we offer our customers a tailor-made general solution for their individual task.
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