SMART PDF - multi-page PDF in the Engineering Base

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Smart PDF

Paperless documentation

Content of a SMART-PDF

Extended directory tree of the "Smart PDF© AUCOTEC AG

SMART PDF is a compact, i.e. versatile PDF format. It contains not only a directory tree of documents but also a tree of devices, functions and potentials.

Display of equipment “-P2.1” in a circuit diagram with highlighting© AUCOTEC AG

In addition, “Smart PDF” contains a navigation function, i.e. it is possible to navigate to further displays of a device.


Using navigation, the user can access the second display in the cabinet layout.

Display of equipment “-P21” in a cabinet layout with highlighting© AUCOTEC AG

Creating a SMART-PDF

(Extract from EB online help)

Convert project into a PDF file

Projects can be converted into PDF files. This includes a tree structure which enables navigation between equipment, functions and/or cross-references for Potentials/Substances (signals are included.

To save a project as a PDF file:

  1. Click on Projects in Engineering Base Explorer.
  2. Select the project that you wish to publish.
  3. Click on Convert to PDF in the context menu. 

This opens the Converting projects into Portable Document Format (PDF) dialogue box.


Converting projects into Portable Document Format (PDF)© AUCOTEC AG

Advanced options for ‘PDF conversion’ dialogue box:


Advanced options for ‘PDF conversion’ © AUCOTEC AG

If you only wish to convert selected sheets to PDF, instead of converting all sheets, then tick the check boxes for the relevant sheets to be exported to PDF in the Document tree within the Which sheets should be included in the ‘PDF conversion’? dialogue box.

If you wish to enable the creation of tree structures in the PDF navigation area, click on the relevant check box for Equipment, Functions and/or Cross-references for Potentials/Substances (including signals) in the lower section of the dialogue box headed Select the possible fields in the PDF navigation area.