New recipe for efficiency
Haas standardizes its engineering processes with AUCOTEC

© Haas Food Equipment GmbH

Haas Food Equipment GmbH, with approximately 1650 employees, is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of plants for the bakery, confectionery and dairy industries. The Austrian head office is supported by subsidiaries in Europe, the U.S., Brazil and China as well as by other sales offices and representatives. Its portfolio ranges from mixing systems via industrial ovens up to the packaging prepress stage. Haas‘ „Recipes for Efficiency“ are characterized by three supporting features: the product and process development, superior technology as well as comprehensive service. AUCOTEC provides the perfect additional element with Engineering Base (EB).

Easier, faster, better: the recipe is working

Haas‘ engineering experts are dispersed throughout the world. Distributed project editing was performed until recently with three different tools. „With EB, we have succeeded in achieving a seamless global presence. With easier, faster engineering, standardized documents and work methods, better data quality, streamlining of the IT environment – everything in four business units in just one year,“ enthused Michael Eder, Head of IT CAD/CAE Solutions at Haas. He added that EB‘s recipe for more efficiency was also working due to another ingredient, the SAP interface which was tailored specifically to Haas.

Original ingredient swapped for single source of truth

© Haas Food Equipment GmbH

The „transformative ingredient“ for this is EB‘s database orientation. As a „single source of truth“, EB creates unique data consistency in engineering - also simultaneously - across disciplines and borders. Everyone involved accesses the same data model, and each change is immediately visible in every representation of the changed objects. In parallel, the CAE experts gradually refine the digital model with their respective specialist knowledge.

„EB enables a global standard, which reflects the valid standards at the same time,“ said the Department Head. The „resource sharing“ simplified not only the multi-site work. Standardized templates also significantly increased the quality of circuit diagrams and the efficiency of their generation. „The future use of the Advanced Typical Manager will further accelerate the design process.“

Designer‘s perspective prioritized: SAP interface milestone

The implementation of an SAP-EB interface that is very much in keeping with the „Haas way of working“ was almost even more important for Haas. „It really is a milestone,“ said Michael Eder. His conclusion: „We now have a perfectly tuned, modern complete solution, all colleagues are thrilled with the SAP interface. It prioritizes our designer‘s perspective; thus the engineers can concentrate on their engineering tasks. This is also reflected in quality and efficiency.“