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From now on Engineering Base only
Ferag Group

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The Ferag group combines the Ferag AG in Hinwil (CH) and the Ferag Verfahrenstechnik GmbH in Leipzig (D). The company is global market leader in the area conveyor and processing systems for newspaper, magazine and illustration printing. On the basis of standard modules, customer-specific solutions are created from the stand-alone component via small systems up to highly integrated processing systems. The design, production, assembly and system building departments with 800 employees are located at the head office in Hinwil. The Ferag process engineering department with about 150 employees specializes in the development and construction of system components such as cutting drums for edge trimming.

Duplicates and triplicates – never again

For many years, Ferag has been using the ECAE software package ELCAD from AUCOTEC for machine series design. For designing plants with many individual machines there was up to now no specific ECAE system. The drawings were created with various CAD tools, and lists e.g. for cable assignment were realized in Word. Both were neither compatible with ELCAD nor with each other. Each change, whether in the plant or at a machine, had to be manually updated both in the lists and the graphic. To avoid this triple work, a new concept had to be developed.

Seamless transition

Screenshot functional diagram© Ferag

After an intensive check of the market, Ferag initially decided to use the latest product generation from AUCOTEC, Engineering Base (EB), for plant design only, and then in a second step to switch over from ELCAD to EB also for series machine design, because the tool best meets the high-tech requirements of Ferag. Their valuable experience with ELCAD and the long-standing Swiss AUCOTEC partner rotring data also supported the decision. The seamless adoption of ELCAD data into Engineering Base also played an important role. Most convincing was the data model, however, which enables designing without drawing. The software package automatically generates  all necessary graphics from the alphanumeric data.


The joint work of Ferag, AUCOTEC and rotring data is extremely creative and productive. As a "by-product", this led to AUCOTEC's new 7-step program for consistent engineering and the associated integration of external package units into the plant design. Thus Ferag is a genuine pioneer for new developments at AUCOTEC, which are a boon for all customers.