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In the rail industry, wiring harness makes great strides with Engineering Base
Solaris Bus & Coach has high hopes for concurrent engineering

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Solaris is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of innovative public transport vehicles for road and rail. The family business based in Poland, which employs some 2 400 staff, has delivered nearly 10 000 buses and trolleybuses to customers in 25 countries since 1996. As well as being the market leader in Poland, it is also Germany’s biggest importer of new buses. Solaris specialises in modern urban buses and express coaches, and offers the world’s biggest range of diesel-electric hybrid buses. The firm’s trolleybuses and electric vehicles are emission-free in operation. In 2009 the range expanded when a modern low-floor tram went into series production. Forty-five vehicles were ordered for Poznań alone. Deadline for completion: the start of the 2012 European Football Championships.

“A logically consistent whole”

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At Solaris, the ultra-modern database-driven Engineering Base (EB) system scored highly during wiring harness development. It has been in use since 2010. As Michal Podolski, team leader at Solaris, explains: “We opted for EB because it covered all of our requirements perfectly. Even though the delivery deadlines were very demanding, thanks to EB’s systematic nature and speed of learning we were able to deliver according to plan.”

Standardisation of documentation was one of the most important concerns because, before EB, separate tools were in use for drawing, cable bundling and project history. Podolski is pleased to report that there is now “a logically consistent whole”. Besides this, the possibility for a number of specialists to work simultaneously on a single project has accelerated the design process enormously. Another very important feature of EB is that everyone involved has immediate visibility of edited data in the up-to-date documentation. Finally, because of the simple exchange of data with its suppliers of prefabricated cable bundles, Solaris gains yet another significant time advantage.


“EB’s great flexibility and range of connectivity give us so many options for even more efficient working,” says Podolski. “It’s a tremendous benefit for us to have a thorough overview of a project from start to finish. And the SmartPDF compiled by EB for final documentation is very popular with our customers.”

Solaris has further plans for the future with EB. A link to 3D is already at the planning stage as are further developments in collaboration with Aucotec’s Polish partner Temertech, who were integrated into our Polish subsidiary AUCOTEC Polska sp. z o. o. in 2015. “But to begin with we need more licences because Solaris is growing,” says Michal Podolski.