City rail vehicle by Kiepe Electric

Acceleration of development processes with EB
Kiepe Electric opts for new engineering track

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Kiepe Electric, previously Vossloh Kiepe, is globally synonymous with innovative, expert solutions in the field of traction, wiring harness and system equipment for electrically-powered rail and road vehicles. The retrofitting of older vehicles with the latest technology, assembling and commissioning and the sale of electrical components complete the range of services provided. Around 700 employees now work at the company headquarters in Düsseldorf and at their international subsidiaries.

In order to consolidate different disciplines in a project planning tool, the company decided to immediately use the software platform Engineering Base (EB) from Aucotec extensively for planning, designing, documentation and maintenance.

"We expect significantly more consistency and efficiency with the new system", explains Markus Dorlöchter, Head of Rail Systems Engineering at Kiepe Electric, who was a crucial figure in the decision-making process. "We also assume that we will have a stable, future-proof system for at least the next 10 years", says Dorlöchter.


circuit diagram drawing, Explorer, device list© Kiepe Electric

The pressure to shorten project lead times and meet the increased requirements due to the continuously growing complexity of electrically-powered rail and road vehicles is high. The new system has replaced two tools: an ECAE tool from Aucotec and a wiring editor developed by Kiepe Electric.

By changing to EB, those involved in circuit diagram design and vehicle wiring can work in a common database. "This reduces tool changes and shortens project lead times", says Dorlöchter. This new approach requires the multi-user capability of EB, which was an important criterion in the decision-making process. Kiepe Electric also valued the user-friendly, intuitive handling.

New consistency

EB can be used in future to create documents from system development via production and vehicle documentation to commissioning and maintenance. Furthermore, the openness of EB facilitates the integration of workflows, tools and processes. "Connections and integration can be achieved rapidly and almost seamlessly", explains the Head of Engineering.

The option of working graphically or in lists and the ability to have any generated information visible immediately in the other view are regarded as an additional advantage by Kiepe Electric. The new clarity of even highly complex circuit functions is also extremely user-friendly. "Furthermore AUCOTEC’s project support is very professional“, adds Markus Dorlöchter.