Engineering Base wins over SIEMENS Grenoble

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Consistency and efficiency

Engineering Base wins over SIEMENS Grenoble

The Energy Management Division of Siemens is one of the world's leading providers of products and services for economical, reliable and intelligent power transmission and distribution. Their portfolio ranges from equipment and systems for the low voltage and distribution network level via smart grid solutions, energy automation and the power supply system of industrial plants to high voltage transmission.

The Engineering Department, based in Grenoble, was looking for a tool that could effectively and consistently manage all documents involved in the designing and implementation of low voltage units. The choice was made in favour of Engineering Base (EB) because the decision makers were won over by AUCOTEC's experience and the efficiency of the system.

Saving time and increasing quality

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Before introducing EB, Siemens used different tools in which the documents were not related and whose data could not be jointly managed. "All equipment contained in the designs, the device list and all associated cable documents are now automatically related, including their technical details. After having only recorded the data once, you can navigate easily in the entire EB project," explained Bruno Rizzetto, the manager responsible for Methods and Development in the Engineering Department at Siemens Grenoble. Furthermore, all previous changes had to be made manually in each individual diagram. Now, it is sufficient to make such changes once and all related data is automatically consistent.

"With EB's standardization options, we can now structure projects efficiently for regular customers. We thus save time and improve quality at the same time," said the engineering expert. Due to the simple use of dictionaries, the Engineering Department employees could now also easily edit multilingual projects, without having to modify anything in the drawings themselves.

Continuous progress in terms of efficiency

The engineers in Grenoble have developed their knowledge of EB in close cooperation with AUCOTEC. This knowledge includes the individual configuration of the system as well as the personalization and automation of tasks.

"Thanks to the innovative ideas that were developed jointly with the technical team from AUCOTEC France, we have become technical decision makers on the use of EB in the SIEMENS Energy Management Group," reported Rizzetto. His team knows that there are other approaches, for example, for the improved integration of detailed drawings. "EB's regular further development will also provide us in future with continuous potential in terms of improvement for even more efficient engineering."