Achieving more without an explosion in costs:
EB‘s close link to SAP and major flexibility won over R. STAHL

© R. Stahl

R. STAHL is the world‘s leading supplier of customised electrical explosion protection system solutions. The ability to integrate different technologies in systems in addition to an extensive range of innovative products are essential to this success. Customers benefit from the company‘s broad expertise in automation technology as well as its established expertise in the area of switching devices and lights for potentially explosive atmospheres. Extensive services such as consulting, planning, engineering and training complete the offer. The company‘s customers stem from the oil and gas industries as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The shipbuilding, food and biofuel industries also depend on explosion-proof products. R. STAHL is in an excellent position with subsidiaries in 24 countries and almost 60 offices worldwide. 1,850 employees worldwide guarantee extensive on-site sales and customer service.

Automatic bills of material

For its roughly 150,000 projects annually, R. STAHL‘s engineering team wanted a consistent linking of drawings, circuit diagrams and bills of material (BOMs). Engineering Base (EB) was able to win them over in this respect: BOMs are added automatically by the database-driven system and any object that is created once is immediately visible in every other view - without multiple entries or interfaces. EB‘s extensive individual adaptability and its ability to incorporate additional functions also impressed R. STAHL. Due to its integrated SQL Server and VBA, EB also fits perfectly into the Microsoft-dominated IT world. 

Seamless SAP integration

„It was particularly important to us that EB could be integrated seamlessly into our SAP workflow“, says Joachim Brosi, who shares responsibility for the migration as Team Leader for R. STAHL‘s engineering process and system design. „We create projects directly from SAP, graphics and BOMs are always consistent and the material master can be readily used in engineering.“ It works in the same manner the other way round: EB projects can be returned completely to SAP, including automatic checks. Production orders are also generated automatically. SAP is used to calculate prices and costs.


„Our customers receive their offer significantly faster with EB“, says the engineering expert. „The updating cycles are also accelerated and communication via fewer contacts is possible due to the centralisation by EB‘s database. Thus we achieve more without more costs.“


To date, R. STAHL has used approximately 150 EB licenses for the global planning of a specific product range. „However, we will extend this to cover all products, especially the more complex customspecific electrical design which accounts for about one-third of our projects“, explains Joachim Brosi. The integration of all locations and the linking of production centres are further expansion plans for the near future.