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More bids, more business
Engineering Base is accelerating the preparation of cable harness production at Klauke

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Klauke Slovakia is part of the American Textron Corporation whichdevelops and manufactures tools, testing, measuring and control equipment as well as fasteners for electrotechnical applications. It has offices in Europe, China, India and Mexico. Klauke Slovakia s.r.o. specializes in the production of special stampings, cable lugs andcable harnesses. In 2017 Klauke opened a second plant in Slovakia.With currently more than 500 employees, it is one of the leadingemployers in the Orava region. Produced in Dolný Kubín, the documentation is supplied to a cable harness production plant in Mexico.In 2016, the sales increased by about 15% to € 25.2 million.

The diversification of the product portfolio and the increasing voluminosity and complexity of cable harnesses have become a challenge to minimize the time needed to process the offer and production documentation. The whole process was mainly prolonged byindividual manual work when determining the number and type ofoperations to produce harnesses. Thus KLauke Slovakia decided forAUCOTEC's software platform Engineering Base (EB) to simplify andaccelerate the process.

Fast and sustainable

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The main requirements were a simple interconnection to in-housesystems, a user-friendly environment, and mainly the reduction inmanual labour. All this and even more has been accomplished by EB. "After a profound analysis, we chose the system which we think hasthe greatest potential to meet our future requirements," says thetechnologist Lucia Dulačková.

In cooperation with Technodat Elektro, a unique connection hasbeen created between EB and a special tool for determining individual operations. The principle of the solution lies in using the detailed information EB has about a harness and the set of internalrules, based on which the Engineering Base generates the numberof necessary operations to produce the cable harness.

Bids: up to 80 % quicker

The key benefit of EB's implementation to the Slovak company wasan increase in efficiency and flexibility. "Simplifying possible changemanagement and increasing the efficiency of the preparatory processes significantly reduced the time to create a bid for new projectsby 50% and up to 80% for well-known projects," comments Lucia Dulačková on EB's benefits.

Implementing the platform into the company has thus made possible to process multiple bids and opened an opportunity to get more ofthe potential business on the market. In conclusion, Lucia Dulačkováadds: "We plan to continue implementing the Engineering Base intoour processes, focusing mainly on the pre-production and production stages."