China's fifth largest automotive manufacturer BAIC develops wiring harnesses with AUCOTEC

© Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC)

China's fifth largest automotive manufacturer BAIC develops wiring harnesses with AUCOTEC

Everyone pulling together!

The Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC) is the fifth largest automotive group in China. Through its own brands as well as in the context of its business transactions with partner companies, BAIC increased its revenue in 2013 to 33.3 billion US dollars with sales of 2.16 million vehicles, making it one of the most successful companies in the Chinese automotive industry.

It was no coincidence that the group decided on AUCOTEC's system platform Engineering Base (EB) for its harness design. "Unity" and "coordination" are terms which BAIC also uses in its guiding principles. The new system links and coordinates the different disciplines of the process and standardises the work. This shortens the processes and significantly improves the quality of design and documentation.

Advanced design workflow

BAIC A520T/A523T series© Beijing Automotive Group (BAIC)

Thus the Group decided on EB Cable in 2012 as it regarded its modern database structure as superior to other solutions. From its front-end architecture and data integration via the 3-D software up to the 2-D wiring harness drawings, its advanced design concepts were checked by the Beijing Automobile Research Institute and it was declared the standard wiring harness development platform for all vehicle models of the BAIC brands. The analysis revealed that EB reduces the designers' usual work in CAD by up to 95% in some areas due to its automatic processes.

All data – from the design requirements, system planning, design planning to the routing of the wiring harness – is based on the same data model. It integrates all project data in real time and thus ensures absolutely consistent interdisciplinary coordination of all designers involved. This means fewer data retrieval time, less coordination effort, no multiple data entries and fewer errors. Moreover, EB stands out due to its uniquely simple user guidance as a result of the integrated standard Microsoft tools.

Seamless exchange with manufacturers

It is of particular importance for BAIC that the largest wiring harness manufacturers in China also use EB as a standard internal design tool. The design and production capacities of these manufacturers have increased significantly because the uniform harness design, the wiring harness standards as well as the seamless data exchange save an enormous amount of time. According to BAIC's designers, EB thus ideally creates uniform, comprehensive and consistent engineering data that continuously promotes the innovation of BAIC's wiring harness technology.