Generally perfect for general contractors

EB‘s versatility accelerates TBP processes significantly

The family business TBP Group, based in Linz, Austria, initially developed as an engineering service provider for the paper and pulp industry for 65 years. Today, their now over 100 employees worldwide also support major projects in the energy sector or the starch and sugar industry. As a general contractor, TBP is thereby responsible for the complete engineering of a plant. This includes process design, procurement, plant design, piping, I&C design engineering and automation as well as calculations.

„This greatly facilitated data exchange is a huge advantage.“

„Very easily solvable“

The company, which attaches importance to the maximum efficiency of its processes, had become aware of Engineering Base (EB) as a result of an order from Südzucker. Meanwhile,TBP also uses the system in other projects. „EB‘s flexibility is ideal for the very different requirements of our customers,“ says Thomas Hennerbichler, I&C Design and Automation project engineer at TBP. For a new starch plant at the Südzucker site in Zeitz, TBP had to integrate the data from over 10 different suppliers in the entire plant. „This was a real challenge, but was very easily solvable due to predefined data exchange lists and the intelligent importability of EB,“ says Hennerbichler. The cooperation of AUCOTECand TBP for customizing also gave rise to completely new EBfunctions:

More overview and smarter pipes

Thus, for example, Advanced Data Tracking was added to EB for a specific project overview. This customizable change tracking significantly reduces the flood of data, avoids errors and improves the quality of the data. „This greatly facilitated data exchange is a huge advantage,“ says Thomas Hennerbichler. The intelligent structure and segmentation of piping were created jointly. Thus, you can add information about flowdirection, media and similar to each line display. Automated target tracking shows the topology of all sub-segments.

Screenshot "change management in the switch cabinet assembly"

„Really consistent“

„With EB, we have received really consistent documentation for the starch plant, from the block flow diagram to the complete I&C design engineering,“ reports the engineering professional. All disciplines work with the same database. This consistency greatly accelerates engineering. The predefined tags and loads only had to be copied from the database. It was also particularly easy to generate bills of material (BOMs) and layout diagrams with one data source in one tool. Hennerbichler‘s conclusion: „EB‘s versatility is perfect for viewing the overall design.“

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EB‘s versatility accelerates TBP processes significantly

Generally perfect for general contractors

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