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Using AUCOTEC Software, Multitec Puts Cheese and Sausage on the Right Track

The Multitec GmbH company in Lotte (close to Osnabrück) develops technically detailed solutions for industrial pack-aging processes. Its focus is on the special requirements of the food industry. For this purpose the company focuses its competences on the mechanical, electrical and pro-gramming levels.


To ensure free-flowing, uninterrupted transport of the goods, the Multitec experts buffer, transport and position the cheese and sausage loafs, immediately after their precision cutting, between various slicers and diverse packaging stations. Multitec has got a patent on the procedure, developed by the company itself, which uses the most advanced cameras. Decisive advantages are not only an increase in productivity but also a distinct improvement in hygiene because manual operation is thus no more required. A truly "clean" solution.


For the planning of its high-end systems, Multitec GmbH relies on Engineering Base, the most recent product generation from AUCOTEC. To put together very different lines of production, Multitec needed a planning tool that works flexibly and above all safely. The facts that EB is databaseoriented and that one can use the plant model to work both alphanumerically and graphically were crucial criteria for the decision in favor of AUCOTEC. Even the more skeptical staff members who had previously worked with other systems were rapidly convinced. Therefore Multitec switched over to the server installation. Thus several employees can work simultaneously with one and the same database. An expansion to include additional workplaces is scheduled.

Circuit diagram, graphic view


For the packaging professionals, the Engineering Base method of operation is ideal. Sometimes it is necessary to coordinate the flow of commodities from 16 or more slicers to various packaging machines, therefore the engineers must be able to access the schedule anywhere at any time. With EB they can rely on the data to be always correct. The close cooperation and the trust awarded from the beginning by Multitec to the future-oriented EB concept has convinced everybody that AUCOTEC is on the right track with its new product generation.

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