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New power for engineering

Plant design for the renewable energy industrial sector

Consistently collaborative: AUCOTEC solutions optimally support the energy industry in all engineering tasks for wind, solar, hydroelectric power or biogas plants. Energy 2.0 becomes highly efficient: from the individual wind generator via the design of a complete park with its cabling up to grid connection. AUCOTEC also offers future-oriented tools and design processes for connecting offshore installations with high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission.

Your special challenges

  • Quick response to new political decisions and their impact on markets and technology: previously rarely used technologies such as HVDC can suddenly become very much in demand and suppliers require tremendous increases in engineering efficiency.
  • Norms and standards are not yet established in this area and changes are likely. Anyone who wants to respond quickly in such a situation should not have to revise documents manually.
  • The complex HVDC converters require an engineering tool that acts flexibly in an unlimited manner with regard to the structures and relationships between objects.

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How to become more efficient:

  • Engineering Base (EB) is the ideal platform - a central database for consistent work and scalable architecture 
  • Unlimited software structures and a top-down approach from the functional overview and single-line diagram to the detailed circuit diagram and cabinet layout: the cabling of offshore installations or complex converters can thus be transparently and safely designed and documented
  • EB's unique openness allows flexible configuration for different requirements without having to customize software!
  • Full control of changes and their impact due to unique tracking and revision technology!
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  • Cabling
  • Top-down approach
  • Optional identification systems
  • Circuit diagram
  • Layout
  • Revision control

Embedded in your company IT system

  • The closest possible link to SAP or Teamcenter for optimum process integration
  • Easy Office integration for easy data exchange without proprietary interfaces 
  • Open API for integration, for example, in the in-house manufacturing system
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