EB Mobile View


Just in case – go mobile!

EB Mobile View: Troubleshoot quickly and restore maintenance data


In the event of a plant fault, maintenance staff depend on having the documentation of the affected area or object at hand as quickly as possible. One challenge here is searching for the object itself – in a number of folders, digital containers of document management systems and finally PDFs. But you don't just have to find a diagram along with its name, you also need all the associated attributes and associations so that connectors and capacity have the best fit when devices are replaced or repaired.

However, technicians are generally not familiar with complex engineering systems that contain all this data, let alone with documentation structures and standards. And that's not their job, anyway. They only need very specific information – and they need it simple and fast, because in the event of a fault, time is often a lot of money.


EB Mobile View simple search engine

For all AUCOTEC engineering systems like ELCAD, AUCOPLAN, RUPLAN and now also for the cooperation platform Engineering Base (EB), EB Mobile View provides a tool that ensures the simplest handling and fast locating in just those sorts of cases. For this purpose, existing projects can be easily exported from the systems to the browser-based, i.e. operating system-independent tool. This export can be linked to revision management. EB Mobile View synchronises with the latest released status of the plant documentation.

For maintenance, the service department drags the project data, which is also available online, onto a mobile device and takes it into the plant. The defective object can be found in no time with a simple search entry. The fitters can then navigate through the logic of the digital twin on their laptop or tablet using touch technology and get any information they need directly on the screen. The display "Motor 1", for example, also includes data on its performance, all connectors, manufacturer information and other technical parameters – without having to have system know-how and expert engineering knowledge.

Identify, inform, repair

But the app - when used in context of Engineering Base - doesn't just make locating the right object data for troubleshooting or maintenance particularly easy and efficient. After all, knowledge about a particular object is not enough. After repair or replacement, the documentation must be updated so that – not only in the next "worst case scenario" – the documented as-is status actually corresponds to the reality of the plant, i.e. is a true digital twin, not an "older sister" of a plant or machine in operation.

For this purpose, EB Mobile View allows redlining directly in the loaded EB documentation. Once the fault has been eliminated, the technician marks the corresponding object and gives it a fault name. The importance of the information can also be emphasised by simply checking the "urgent" box. With one click on "transfer", EB Mobile View puts together a package with all the service information and exports it in a message to the engineering department, where the specialists read the data into EB.

Being up to date is the name of the game

EB creates an engineering task from the service information it received from EB Mobile View and this automatically appears in the list of tasks for the engineering department. This includes fault name, comments as well as all redlining sheets and the status "Imported from EB Mobile View". Each of the redlining sheets is linked to its original sheet in EB. The engineering professionals therefore also do not have to search to finally transfer the maintenance information to the appropriate location. Once this is done, there is a new revision status that is automatically transferred to EB Mobile View. In this way, the current as-is status in the tool is ensured in every new incident and the service is immediately ready to go.


Value retention

The operating system-independent app makes technicians more flexible and faster in troubleshooting and maintenance. Ease of use is a key factor here. In addition, the app ensures simple and secure feedback of service information to engineering. This means that the digital twin of the plant or machine is always up-to-date and the documentation with all its painstakingly compiled data retains its high value, because this data can be reliably used at any time – not only for troubleshooting, but also for maintenance, conversions, shutdown planning or operating permits.

Benefit overview:

  • As-is plant data available at any time for rapid response in the event of a fault
  • Easy to search and find plant unit and object data
  • Convenient transfer of change information from service back to engineering
  • Notification of engineering ensured
  • Stable reliability of the current digital twin