Execution Management in the Plant Solution von Engineering Base


Execution management in Engineering Base's Plant Solution

When planning retrofitting in a process plant, there are complex scenarios for updating the relevant as-built documentation. AUCOTEC's Engineering Base (EB) platform enables the outsourcing and convenient reintegration of change projects.


The lifetime of a process plant is among other things characterized by repeated modifications. Ensuring up-to-date as-built documentation becomes enormously complex because the planning projects relate to different, often overlapping time periods and different disciplines are involved.

This complexity is increased by the heterogeneous tool landscape of the partially outsourced projects. The result: expensive delays due to elaborate harmonisations, misunderstandings or even wrong data due to lack of consistency.


Efficient execution management

AUCOTEC's Engineering Base (EB) is unique because, as a platform, it combines engineering, data management and documentation in one interdisciplinary, integrated approach. Each component of the system becomes an object in the model - and the basis for overlapping planning processes as EB's execution management allows the objects and data of subprojects to be spun off for separate processing.

As-built documentation with EB

EB enables clear and consistent working for the as-built documentation in every phase of retrofitting or modification. In the first step, the data concerned is determined for the spin-off into a subproject. EB also considers the logical relationships between the selected plant objects. In the second step, EB creates the change project and exports the necessary data and forms of presentation as the basis for the conversion planning.

Everything under control

Once the change planning has been completed, a special management tool supports the consistent integration of the data into the new as-built state of the plant documentation.



No other system is capable of such a controlled change process - with all the benefits that come with it:

  • Progress control by comparing different change (execution) statuses
  • Up-to-date and consistent documentation for conversions
  • Information on outsourcing in the original project
  • Existing connection logics of the outsourced objects are taken into account
  • Synchronization when merging the completed change projects into the as-built project
  • A single source of truth gives maximum consistency and efficient change implementation