CAE Expert Day

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Expert talks at Expert Day 2017

AUCOTEC events as exchange forum for users, prospective customers and developers

The CAE Expert Days brought together a diverse circle of users, prospective customers and development professionals. In Baden-Württemberg’s Crailsheim, in Saxony’s Leipzig and in AUCOTEC’s home in Hanover, the respective discussions from May to September were about further optimization of the software classics ELCAD/AUCOPLAN/RUPLAN, and about the challenges of digitization in the context of Industry 4.0. Apart from the mastering of challenges and exploitation of opportunities, the agenda included exclusive offers for the participants, but above all impressive reports from customers about their experience with AUCOTEC products.

New perspectives

Ulrich Cord from the bulk material and process engineering experts Claudius Peters, Sven Börner-Sachs from the film stretching line engineers Brückner as well as René Braun from the explosion protection equipment producer R. Stahl gave examples from their practical experience in engineering. They convincingly demonstrated how EB had accelerated their processes and opened up new perspectives for cooperation and efficiency.

EB for “Inspired Excellence”

In order to prove itself as a modern, outstanding company in the 21st century, Claudius Peters launched the innovation project “Inspired Excellence”. This includes goals such as savings in costs and labour, higher quality, or increased turnover and customer satisfaction. EB is an important component of the appropriate measures. According to the company, the system avoids data redundancies, creates consistency from mechanical to electrical engineering and allows simultaneous, rather than sequential order processing. EB maps business processes from sales to service. “For us, EB is a success story and the foundation for the transformation of our software environment,” said Ulrich Cord, Group Manager Automation and Project Manager.


Sven Börner-Sachs, Team Leader Standardization CAD/CAE at Brückner, also stressed the data consistency created by EB. According to him, it now extends from P&ID creation in mechanical engineering via detail engineering in electrical engineering to automation, with uniform designations and IEC 81346 compliance. EB’s convenient ECTR-SAP link also ensures secure synchronization with the “mother of all data” at Brückner. As a further highlight, Börner-Sachs presented the Project Status Manager, a joint project of Brückner and AUCOTEC. It leads each user through its personally configurable “status network”, so that no task can be forgotten.

Integration in production processes

René Braun from R. Stahl reported on his experience with EB’s integration in the production processes. Not only the innovative system architecture, the openness for automated interfaces to R. Stahl’s ERP environment and the avoidance of duplication, but also the partnership with AUCOTEC for decades were reasons in favour of EB according to the CAE/CAD System Consultant. The goals of integration were, among other things, the automation of pricing, production orders and name plate creation, the development and transfer of production-relevant data to the processing machines and much more. Although there were challenges, integration has been successful according to Braun’s conclusion.

“Extremely exciting”

“The participants found the practical presentations extremely exciting,” said AUCOTEC’s Area Sales Representative for Germany, Joris Caron. The guests regarded the opportunity for networking as at least every bit as interesting. The breaks were also used extensively for this purpose. “It is important to us to frequently give customers and prospective customers the opportunity to share information directly. For this purpose, the Expert Days are ideal, as are the Technology Days, which are to some extent even more in-depth and address a slightly different audience,” said Caron.

The guests confirmed this fact. “You definitely gain something from seeing what others are getting out of a system,” was the feedback from one participant. Another attendee said: “I like the thinking outside the box’ in particular. I’m taking a lot of things away with me for my everyday life, but even more for the future of our engineering.”

Become digital, stay personal!

“We will also continue to hold Expert and Technology Days in the coming years,” said Joris Caron, while emphasizing that the focus should remain on sharing information. “As much as we rely on the latest technologies and as necessary as digitization is: the personal conversation between peers is a hallmark of AUCOTEC. This will not be digitized by us.”