“From Europe - Landing in China” EB Cable Makes Success of Super Truck

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“From Europe - Landing in China”

EB Cable Makes Success of Super Truck

Beijing Foton Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd. was established in February 2012, with 50% shares of Beijing Foton automobile and German Daimler each. It produces "Auman" medium and heavy truck products and Mercedes Benz OM457 heavy truck engine with emission standard and power up to Euro V and 490 HP approved by Daimler. Foton Daimler introduces European truck manufacturing standards and Daimler's leading truck R&D and production technology to create a new generation of high-quality heavy trucks.

Single Source of Truth

While introducing European truck manufacturing standards, Foton Daimler decided to use the EB Cable professional wiring harness design platform of German AUCOTEC in 2014. At the beginning of the design, the high standard of the whole product was strictly controlled, and the design concept of data as the core ran through the whole product design cycle. From principle to wiring harness, the same data model makes the design objects in different stages always unique. In the truck market of China, which strives for quick change and quick response to customer demand, EB Cable has the characteristics of real-time update and zero change omission, which greatly reduces the pressure faced by designers due to short product delivery cycle.

Before using EB Cable, traditional design tools did not have the digital twin and object-based features. When using traditional drawing tools to design, there was often disconnection between schematic diagram and wiring harness diagram. It was impossible to process digital data efficiently by software, so it could only rely on manual modification of drawings, and the error rate was often very high. The design change was the designer's pain point: the design change could not quickly achieve the synchronization of the principle and wiring harness, it took a lot of human time to verify the accuracy of the whole project drawings, and there were often different degrees of deviation before and after the calculation data. Besides, the original design style could not achieve complete unity, each designer's data had been stored in its own local equipment, so one data source could not be used. After using EB Cable, the same database and data uniqueness of the software perfectly have solved the problems of Foton Daimler designers, which greatly improves the project standardization. Rapid change greatly shortens the design task cycle, improves the design quality, and saves a lot of manual checking time for designers. It reflects the original intention of EB Cable digital professional wiring harness design platform: liberate the hands of designers, let designers only focus on product design.

Real Time Intercommunication from 3D to 2D

The harness integration manger (HIM Pro) module of EB Cable enables Foton Daimler to realize the digital data interaction between EB Cable and CATIA, and establishes the bridge between harness design and mechanical design data. The design process first used multiple models in 2016. Good digital data interchange. EB Cable can accurately obtain the branch length of the whole wiring harness from CATIA model. In the process of digital data interchange, all data changes can be recorded through the interface to remind engineers of the changes of relevant data in real time, and automatically flatten the corresponding 2D wiring harness diagram after importing the 3D topology into EB Cable, so as to obtain the accurate wiring length through calculation. It is the basis of realizing fine harness cost control.

EB Cable helps Foton Daimler to build a global digital super truck factory, create the best business value for global automobile users, and lead the future of automobile industry.