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"Hidden Treasures"

How to optimally exploit the value of plant data

AUCOTEC Infopaper 02/2017 Englisch

„No Cloud Cuckoo Land“

Real, efficient engineering flexibility with new Cloud and app concept

AUCOTEC Infopaper 01/2017

“No man is an island...”

...Particularly when it comes to engineering: Project Status Manager integrates external data automatically and securely

AUCOTEC Infopaper 02/2016

The only constant was change …

Now, even the implementation of changes is constant – thanks to a single source of truth


Flexible use of centralized knowledge

Engineering data as the source of various processes for Industry 4.0


When everything flows …

How the engineering system sustainably optimises workflows


Coordination is everything!

How EPCs consistently manage and merge the data of the most diverse disciplines and suppliers


AUCOTEC is continually growing …

New records on its 30th birthday, 75% increase in turnover in five years