AUCOTEC - friendly, cooperative, diverse and international


Eike Michel (33), a graduate in electrical engineering/ computer engineering, has been with AUCOTEC since 01.01.2007

“Initially, I didn’t expect to get so far in eight years. One of my reasons for choosing AUCOTEC was the size of the company, which was small enough to keep bureaucracy to a minimum, yet large enough to offer challenging, international projects.”


Norman Hanke (29), who trained with Siemens as a power engineer and electrical engineer/ plant engineer, joined the AUCOTEC team as a product designer in August 2010

“First and foremost, it was the interesting vacancy in London which attracted me to AUCOTEC. But the salary was also very appealing – we were expecting our first baby at the time. I particularly like the work environment here, and the level of motivation I see in my colleagues. And I also like the fact that there are no barriers to career progression; you don’t necessarily have to have a degree or a PhD to move up.”