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Concept design (FEED) and scenario management as the starting point for integrated plant engineering

Do you, too, need to juggle PFDs, mass and core balances from various simulation scenarios? Are you as tired of manually transferring simulation data into XLS or other tools as you are of comparing results by eye only? This online seminar shows how you can significantly optimize your basic engineering using an integrated, central data model. Comparing simulation scenarios is usually very time-consuming. Therefore, often only few simulations are elaborated. The cooperative platform Engineering Base (EB), on the other hand, can easily import scenarios and compare them automatically. The time gained allows you to simulate significantly more possibilities and thus really find out the optimum. The selected scenario is then used as the basis for the actual engineering of the optimal system, also without error-prone manual data transfers. This way, EB enables smooth, agile workflows right from the start.

Current date:

08.06.2021 | 10:00 a.m. CEST

Webinar Language: English


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AUCOTEC is a private-owned German software company headquartered in Hannover, Germany with over 35 years’ experience in the field of plant engineering software. 

ENGINEERING BASE (EB) is the latest generation of Plant Engineering platform that covers the complete engineering lifecycle of offshore and onshore production plants. EB is providing an environment for engineers to perform conceptual design and FEED, process design and P&ID, instrumentation, automation and control design, detailed electrical engineering and operation and maintenance of the plant in one central database with advanced change managements and access permissions. EB is fully open to all sorts of data communication using open API or web services.

EB is genuinely designed to cover the complete Lifecyle of plant engineering and is already compliant to many global standards such as CFIHOS, ISO15926, IEC62424, etc. EB is now in use by ca. 12000 active engineers worldwide and is recognized as the next generation and future of modern plant engineering software platform.